Eclipsing Authority

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I work online: writing here, trying, ever failing, to pass my perceptions on, weathering assaults against me, somehow still breathing, wishing that even one of my offerings had been received. (No: the false kings monopolize the resources: the true pretender is mislabeled: anyone who wants to make a living must ratify the mislabeling: however obvious it is that the stacking of the deck by politics, not intelligence, can’t endure. Everyone thinks they’re doing something (me too) (while actually there is nothing to be done.) I also play online. I work, and I play, work some more, play some more. Every day I do the day’s sudoku puzzle @ Yahoo, every day I bear the obligatory ad. My Free Learning Exchange of 1970, my anarchist internet, offered “equality” of advertising: the dumb beast of man knocks everything into a bolus, chews its cud, decides which masticated ideas it wants to steal, decides how it will take credit for its favored thefts, the sixteenth, not the second, not the first, Jesus being given credit for the kleptocracies one dozen years after he’s been nailed to the dungeon wall. Todays intrusion was from Kellog: processed food pretending to be a wise health decision, the blind pretending to have sight.

When I was a kid there was a show on radio called Father Knows Best.

Father Knows Best
TV version
thanx northcarolinaconservative

Patriarchy was the default assigned by the cud-chewing cows: ancient decision: Confucius, the Chinese built a cathedral of ancestor worship. Trouble with ancestor worship is you then have to figure out how to rationalize the killing of the old king by the new king: how can Christ knock God off his throne, how can George Washington substitute himself for King George? What business does a Catholic have becoming a Hari Krishna?

Everyone knows that father doesn’t know best: father stole knowing best from the older king of mother-knowing-best. But everyone knows that mother doesn’t know best either: children know best! Not even sons; daughters know best!

Mother, son, daughter doesn’t know best either: except as she’s dictated to by the experts knowing best, doctors! hospitals! the FDA … So in this Kellog ad, Steve is up early, eating Kellog’s Raisin Bran, for “his heart health”. For his heart health Steve should stay away from anything that comes in a package, from anything that comes with an advertising budget. But never mind, Steve is eating: enter some big thighed girl, his smiling doughter. She smirks, “Did Mommy give you that?” Steve answers, “I happen to like raisins”.

See? Ordinarily, since WWII, Steve, for breakfast, Steve has been pouring bacon greese into his gullet: throw his head back, use a funnel: eating toast and butter, eating eggs! fried! in butter! eating bacon fried in bacon grease! as every authority in the world told him to do! No, no. Now Mommy, now the government, now the consortium of medical authorities, the universities, the doctors! tell Steve, No, Don’t do what we told you; do what we’re telling you: do what Mommy says, eat packaged food: Kellogs Raisin Bran!

Do what your wife says, what your fat-thighed daughter says: long live Eve, tens of thousands of years after Eve has been assassinated. Do what the TV says. Authority tumbling authority onto tumbled authority: pretending all the while that your behavior somehow has something to do with something you want!

Then I blitzed through the sudoku.

Now what?

See? I offered a world in which, more like it was 50,000 years or so ago, a creature not yet eaten by lions could eat what they could catch, go where they wanted, not leashed by Big Brother: read what you want, where you want, where you can get away with. The world didn’t want freedom; it wanted to claim freedom … with its head up its ass.

Oh! Happy Birthday to me! this Labor Day, a joke I’ve been able to make on fourth years, all my life: 76 years old!


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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