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There’s a reason kleptocracies since the birth of civilization require, require absolutely, vertical hierarchical organization — God or King John or Big Brother over Piers Ploughman or poor Winston — so that Pilat can crucify Jesus, not Jesus crucify Pilat. You need vertical social organization for anybody to crucify anybody: or put them on the rack, in the iron maiden …

If you see the drunk back over the little girl, then speed away, you must report it. It’s a crime not to. If the cop arrives, finds the bleeding girl, sees you, aloof, drinking squeeze, not saying nothing to nobody, the cop can put you in jail. If he doesn’t the media will put the cop in jail. On the other hand if you see King John with his hand in the poor box, be very very careful who you tell.

The middle cutting off the extremes, keeping, reinforcing, the big belly (or should I say big dome) of the bell curve, is natural: there will always be more people telling Galileo (or Darwin) he’s crazy than people telling the people to listen to Galileo (or Darwin), listen carefully: put your prejudices to sleep … Don’t tell the cop about the crowd interrupting Galileo: the cop is the cream of the crowd.

OK. Wait for Franklin, or Jefferson. Put Franklin & Jefferson together, write a law: write a law telling the crowd not to interrupt Galileo, telling the cop to beat on people interrupting Galileo … You know what? the cop will beat on the people not interrupting Galileo. It’s human, forget about it, might as well tell gravity not to be gravity, or Johnny not to like Susan.

Well, there’s one thing there that isn’t natural: but my attempts to separate it out, to get the public to support separating it out, were to no avail: hierarchical homeostasis prevailed. But it gets worse: let the state grow. Give 55% the money to King John and 40% of the money to Friar Tuck, tell King John and Friar Tuck not to interrupt Galileo, not to tolerate people interrupting Galileo, and 95% of the money will go to King John and Friar Tuc to interrupt Galileo: and to call the interrupting “education”.

That’s right, have the state supervise the interrupting: and the media write glowing narratives of Galileo not being interrupted!
Better put Galileo in the dungeon and keep him there so no one can hear his testimony about what’s actually happening.

Little kind, gets born, grows, reaches the fourth grade: suddenly this cherub is swearing like a sailor. So’s his sister in the fifth grade. Even the little kid is embarrassed: he feels an F-bomb coming (or a S-bomb, or a C-bomb) and he says, comically, all laugh, “Well, Shut my mouth!” (You know what kind of ethnic accent.) But long before the kid thinks to try to censor himself, when he begins to realize he’s in public even when he’s behind the garage, with his big sister’s little friend.

OK, that’s easy to see for an individual. We all remember stopping ourselves just before commiting a big solecism, and we also remember that many times the solecism got out before we could reign it in. This is harder: to see the group censoring Jesus’ speech, Galileo’s speech, the boy’s speech, the women’s speech … the anarchist’s speech, the reformer’s speech. How many Jesuses did God send before Jew or Roman heard 1% of a one of them?

pk, you fool: we’re still here! That proves that we’re getting away with it!
Well, there’s a truth there, a very minor truth, which I accept: except for this: if we don’t go extinct for another century, another five centuries, if we’re reached Alpha Centauri and have populated it to ten billion per square acre, fine, how much better might we have done if we had listened? not interrupted? not shaved the human IQ quite so close to the bone?

here be dragons map
thanx soloswimmer

I started this well: how well have I yet middled it? built it to a climax? next draft after I breath, hang laundry …

Gregory Bateson emphasizes Alfred Korzybski emphasizing an existential distinction beteen map and territory: the universe is the universe; our descriptions of the universe are a different categhory of thing. Most people can’t distinguish them, no one can perfectly. Will we survive better by improving maps? getting them closer to experience? as Galileo did? or tried to? or will the cops beat everybody into submission so we’ll accept the Church’s millennia old maps? the bible’s several-millennia old map?
When Columbus sailed to the Caribbean he had Here Be Dragons maps; but when he sailed there again he had his maps!


Here’s an example: much to the point: American democracy was relatively horizontal once upon a time, compared to obeying King George it was horizontal. But increasingly it became vertical. The American system Lincoln took from Henry Clay was to serve the plantation owners as well as the factory owners, not the slaves, not the workers, not the immigrants … By the time of the Bushes we had an insane mix of vertical and horizontal, elitist and populist orientation conflicts, but did it: the voters didn’t elect the president; the Supreme Court appointed the president. No one was more than 1% honest in reporting about it. So: we have a vertical government pretending to be horizontal!!! Lying about it!

The FBI came and shackled me when I screamed that I wasn’t lying, dragged me off, let me go when I pretended to be tamed …
There isn’t a single American (or aspiring immigrant) who doesn’t know that their bread is best buttered with prone compliance, not supine defiance.
How can you tell pk tame from pk pretending to be tame? You can’t, unless you read K.


Which is better? to support King John, mislabeling everything, while the biosphere goes to hell? or to tighten our belt, eschew illusion, dishonesty, “abundance” … let nature trim the human population to what fits; or: burn both ends of the candle, organize 250 people, 500, 1,000 … 1,000,000 … 1,000,000,000 6,000,000,000 … 12 … 24 … till the whole maya crashes? If you want the 6,000,000,000 becoming 8,000,000,000 becoming a trillion, then by all means, support the king, let the FBI go through your underwear, keep your mouth shut when you see the MIT labs cheat like the FBI labs: the SRI labs. At least they’re not priests, we’ve eradicated superstition: now they’re professors torturing the mice.

If we became honest over night, understand: the population would deflate, very rapidly.
Oh, but innocent people would die!
There haven’t been any innocent people, for thousands of years: or, they’re on the cross: and, you never heard of them.


2014 09 19 How does censorship divy among self — group — & super-group (state for example)?

What’s the kindling temperature, point of rebellion, among their junctions? It may take the ten year old an effort not to say “f-” where mother might hear (and punish): how much effort does it take Lindsay Lohan not to say “f-” where reporters might hear : how much effort does it take for the LBJ White House not to talk about publishers with their tit in a big wringer where the publishers might publish : how much effort does it take for human society to decide it will cut off its own arm rather than endure LBJ one more day? Cut your arm off, you might die; don’t cut your arm off: you’re already dead.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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