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Tis Interruptus

/ College Stories / Tis is a Balinese word. I get it from Gregory Bateson. It means the moment of peace you feel after an orgasm. Everything, everything, is just right, at least for a moment: you’re neither too hot, … Continue reading

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Cannibal States

/ Kleptocracy / (My K. categories deeply overlap, I never hinted that they were distinct.) Slash and Burn Government I spent the 1960s giving my all to the system of universities and colleges that had already taken, and squandered, so … Continue reading

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Frank Klep

/ Kleptocracy / At Columbia a door or two from my dorm cell a filthy rich kid heard me singing a Juliette Greco song, showed me he had a record of her singing, great picture of her existentialist self on … Continue reading

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Cinderella Reading

/ Literature / Her wicked stepmother having degraded her position (her natural (and legal) father being, like all Grimm fathers, a no-pants nebbish) Cinderella accepts magic to sneak her way into the royal ball. Her fairy godmother, at least there’s … Continue reading

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Capra’s Classic Jimmy

/ Movies / Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life replayed for me throughout my youth like the Alistair Syms A Christmas Carol did at Christmas, like the Passion did at Easter. The missionaries rolled a movie for a tribe in … Continue reading

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Equality of Meaninglessness

/ Semiotics / I pause the streaming of Unbelievers, a doc from which to stage Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, to stage their atheism. First, let me take any occasion to praise Dawkins, his “meme” is a major meme, essential … Continue reading

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Background Singers

/ Stories / Themes / Music / Yesterday I sampled a streamed documentary on background singers, 20 Feet from Stardom. In the 1960s black women who’d been excluded from background gigs were suddently much in demand, we’ve all heard tons … Continue reading

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