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pk Difference

/ Institutions / There is a difference between us: in all likelihood there is. That difference is simple, consistent. The average civilized person believes that their institutions do what they’re touted as doing: the post office delivers the mail, the … Continue reading

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Civil Feud

/ History / Re: Hatfield–McCoy feud I’m writing about this as I learn it. The Civil War, which states were which in the 1860s is not my forte but the main thing relevant is my ancient forte: who has jurisdiction: … Continue reading

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pk (Un)Employability

/ Stories / both / Personal Story Themes / Work / and / Social Order / Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories / As a kid I was a member of the culture however junior. I was also in a small way … Continue reading

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Meretricious Hidden Secret

/ Letters / Re: Pathetic Fallacies for the Kids at PBS I just emailed bk & theMarcus: Jaques Cousteau started “nature” films, great. David Attenborough & the BBC went them 1, 2 better. Fabulous. But if Jaques or David could … Continue reading

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Make Up Catch Up

/ Cosmology / Theology / I want my sufferings made up to me, but I don’t put myself first. I want my sufferings made up to me after Jesus has had his sufferings made up to him. I want my … Continue reading

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Shifting 4 letter sands

/ Writing / Letters / An email I just sent to bk: Shifting 4 letter sands I loved so many things about Kick-Ass: recalling Matrix, and Kill Bill, and Hanna: chix getting to let the blood. casting, conception, writing, execution … Continue reading

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Sideways Bootstrap

/ Cybernetics / There was a news article the other day reporting how spiders can use an object with mass, a stone say, or a shell, to build a web at an angle to the line of gravity. Local gravity … Continue reading

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Elder Aristotle

/ Scholarship / Classics / Aristotle has been famous for well more than two millennia as a smart guy. His contemporaries knew he was smart: and, as so often happens, they hated him for it: nobody likes a know-it-all. When … Continue reading

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Double-Oh Pulse Racer

/ Movies / Where were you when? Kennedy was shot, Nixon resigned … Where were you the first time you saw a James Bond movie? The novels were already obscenely popular, something no amount of confession should earn us forgiveness … Continue reading

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Teleology Suspension

/ College Stories / This is a philosophical, theological, ethical theory post, but I’m putting it among my pk-by-chronology stories. I’ve always been an idea man, I’d been an idea boy. Ideas didn’t become important to me in college, they’d … Continue reading

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