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N of course stands for “any number”: and of course there are a confusing number of types of number: just consider “ordinal” for the moment: First Church of Christ Etc.

The New Testament tells a story, a confusing set of stories, about God (who created the world) so loving mankind (the sinner) that he sent his only begotten son (notice the emphasis on begotten, it’s supposed to be natural) that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish … It’s a formula, a magical formula for immortality: believe in Jesus / get taken to heaven (no matter what your sins are).

thanx rollawaythestone

Fine, a tough nut to crack, but I want to just concentrate for the moment on quantity: how many Jesuses did God beget? and send? How many resurrections have there been? How would you, or I, with our bible (and our NY Times) know? Does the bible (or the NY Times) give accurate information about anything (except stock prices)?

We can’t have a real answer, everything is too shadowy; but we can try for a thought answer: tested in the imagination (like a thought experiment in physics). Imagine:

God makes Jesus be born in Palestine when Palestine is under the thumb of the Roman Empire (and had been under the thumb of this priest of Dagon, and that rabbi of Yahwey …)
Jesus grows up, gets a rep, goes to Jerusalem, tells the temple priests that they’re thieves, knocks over their cash system … the rabbis don’t just go boo hoo, they call Big Brother, Big Brother Rome (open wide for this part) decides to violate Roman law as a favor to the murdering rabbis, tortures Jesus and nails him up.

Remember: this is so we can practice vampirism and cannibalism so God has to forgive us: the magic causes it, like the cue ball hitting the eight ball.

There’s so much in the story, but I’m trying to hit my target of number: how many resurrections have there been so far? one? billions? a trillion a second?

OK. We’re imagining:

Jesus preaches at the sea side, narrates a string of oxymorons, social imporabilitis, stuff that stuns the mind into paralysis, like: The meek shall inherit the earth. … God’s kingdom will reign (we’ll all be kosher, by authority) …
The Romans say, We’re the state here, this is Caesar’s kingdom, there ain’t no magic but Roman magic … not on my watch …
Jesus says (something like) Be nice to each other, don’t let the rabbis sell you any wooden nickels … And the Romans (puppets to the Jews here) say, No you don’t, and interrupt him, punctuating each word with a hammer blow on the nail head.

OK? Keep going: here’s the chase for this post:

God (Jesus remember) is murdered.
The veil of the temple is rent …
Jesus comes back to life!

And then what? What does he do? Go back to the Temple? Turn over the money tables again? Go back to the sea shore? pass out the fish?

Look at all this from another angle: Priests pass out Jesus’ flesh, Jesus blood’ Let’s suppose that some of the people who eat it and drink it really do believe that that magic is sufficient to reverse justice: sinners due for hell escaping into heaven (where God has to wait on them, hand and foot, even after they’ve murdered the begotten son).

Roll Away the Stone

I found the inserted graphic after the above was first posted. I planned to use an image but didn’t know that one. Now I love it: notice that the figures present to witness evidence of resurrection are female! Be aware of current scholarship on the role of women in Christianity: they had a huge role, especially in the narrative of the gospels; but notice further how male dominant kleptocracies spun them right back out of recognition. Early Christian writers forged falsehood in the name of Saint Paul to revise the story back to male gods and male humans.
Hey, are there any gospels in the Apocrypha where Jesus is female? Why not? Why? because then they wouldn’t have let him into the temple, he couldn’t have knocked over the money tables.
The Jews define themselves through the mother but don’t let Mom into the rituals.
So funny: man gets born of woman, but man here gets reborn through male-male-male mythology.

Oh yeah: how many times? how often?


Imagine an instance of the resurrected Jesus appearing on earth, flesh it with other characters:
Jesus needs to replace his sandals, he shows up at a carpentry shop, asks for a day’s work: What’s your name, who are you, what was your last job? … Now imagine what happens no matter what Jesus’s answers are!
And Jesus wouldn’t have just needed new sandals: he would have needed new everything: pictures of him being crucified in a loin cloth are simple lies: state torture victims were naked, that was part of the torture!
Imagine Jesus going to get his donkey license renewed: the Roman bureaucracy runs the station, they ask Jesus who he is: what does he tell them? I’m the god you crucified last week?

No, no: kleptocracies are set up so that no information not flattering to them can be given to them. Imagine the girl going to confession to confess her sin in getting raped by last week’s priest. No: it’s probably the same priest who raped her.

I may hate the vertical male authority of the kleptocracies we know about through “history”; but don’t imagine I wouldn’t be similarly pissed by female authority.
One great thing about Christianity and its confusion of imagery: while the Inquisition, all male, is crushing your scrotum, cutting off your clit, you can imagine that Mother Mary is cradling you in her arms.

While we’re trying thought experiments on the Christian franchise let me urge this one: back seat if not the front seat:
We start with the idea that God is wracking his brains to find a way to embrace mankind despite everything. Wait a minute, turn that on its head: what if …?
What if God isn’t turning twists so he can forgive us? What if it’s all entrapment!? conspiracy? God conspiring with Jesus with the Holy Ghost to damn, damn, and quadruple damn each and every one of us? What if God can put us in hell but can’t keep us there unless we’re been so evil as to mega-damn ourselves at every turn. Existence is a maze with an infinity of choices but only one result! Damnation: murder and torture God all over again. And Again. To infinity?
Well, he’s got the time. And so do we.

reweave: no matter what Jesus says, we won’t get it. Like a Cheyenne talking to a Tulsa cop.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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