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I gather a selection of actresses I’m stuck on most currently.

Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy

Won’t somebody feed that poor girl?
I really fell in love with her In Bruges.

Natalia Avalon



Eight Miles High

As Uschi: pert, pouty, in all directions.
Dig the richly ambiguous belt.

Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon
thanx flixster

What a mistake! I said Maribel Verdú but showed Lou Doillon. But you know Doillon reminds me strongly of Verdú: to the credit of both of them!

Virginie Ledoyen

Virginie Ledoyen
thanx shirari

House of Voices: what a stupid movie but very nice to watch: four (or more) terrific females, precious child to middle age.

Thekla Reuten

Thekla Reuten

Most recently I saw her in In Bruges.

Paz Vega

Paz Vega
thanx cineonline

I loved her in Spanglish, went Wow over her Lucia.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
thanx telegraph

Deadpan beauty, a mystery to me: a mystery that works!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan
thanx wikimedia

First, like Jennifer Lawrence, like more than one other famous beauty, she repelled me; then my eye got stuck, then my mind. Addictive girls. Too bad she seems to be such a jerk.

Leslie Parrish

Manchurian Candidate
Manchurian Candidate
thanx evaleyman

But see the bathing suit.

I said “pulchritude” but I really meant beauty and other nice things we get from actresses:

Saoirse RonanSaoirse Ronan
The Way Back

Every kid plays at acting, every kid, certainly every boy acts his death scene: bang, bang, the kids fall down; but Saoirse’s death scene is something else.

Sheryl Lee

Fall Time, Sheryl Lee
Fall Time
thanx nnm

Lee had gotten a little pudgy by this film, but her acting is superb: she moves from tending the poor bastard’s wounds to screwing him while he’s helpless.

I made this file to commend these girls, women in general, well-used actresses in particular. And now that I’ve assembled a half dozen or so, I also gotta gush.

That’s enough images for one post, I’ll mention others just in prose: you know what most of them look like, popular images, that’s what we’re talking about, the zillion Marys we stuff ourselves with.

Karen Allen: just rewatched StarMan. Karen Allen was so moving in close up in lots of films, Indiana Jones on any list.

Maribel Verdú: I mentioned her above, didn’t refer to a pic. I first loved her in Belle Epoque, loved all the girls there.

Polly Walker: Robinson Crusoe uses Polly Walker most fetchingly. She bowled me over in Rome.

Sort of silly, to know a dozen, or a hundred, or a thousand, beauties from a population of climbing billions. At some point in her life, around puberty, nearly every girl is utterly ravishing, for at least a moment or two, seen in the right light, from the right angle. I chose a dozen, somebody else choses a hundred … We imagine a God seeing all. I no longer imagine anything seeing all: ridiculous, impossible beliefs characterizing man.

It took me a while to sample some of these actresses, I’m ahead of the curve on some things, behind on others, blind as to still more. I’m sure glad I finally found out why others thought so highly of JLo, of Lohan … Some, like Jennifer Lawrence grew on me only slowly, but once fixed they’re unmovable. It may take me a while to satisfy myself that I can interpret, critique half of Jennifer Lawrence’s charisma. The same can happen to a whole genre: like horror, I’m addicted now; formerly I didn’t look. I really enjoyed analyzing Avalon’s beauty: other beauties’ attraction is weak in comparison.

One thing I can’t shake from my mind is the metal-tipped belt tongue Natalia Avalon has hanging below her open jean-crotch. Not fair: she already gives the impression that her pussy would suck all the air from a room in its ravening hunger. Fleetwood Mac hung a pair of tassels below his crotch in album images: Christmas balls. It stuck in my mind: I have no idea what that band sounds like, have no curiosity, I hate most pop music, what small portion I’ve heard: but the descended “testes” are indelible.

I conceded the possibility that I would wind up liking some of it: just as I’ve wound up liking Lohan, Lawrence …
I can’t overemphasize: Jennifer Lawrence as I’ve seen her so far is sort of a Buster Keaton among beauties; a deadpan. Her face hardly seems to move. Happy, sad, frightened … it’s the same expression, apparently except it isn’t, it can’t be! Her voice too: monotone mid-American: as far the opposite of Jack Nicholson as you can get. I wonder what she’d do if someone asked for a broad performance from her.
I include Karen Allen because I just watched StarMan for the first time since the mid-1980s. Her face! in closeup! sooo expressive, sooo loving … Her body is OK, but just OK, just barely. It’s the face: and she barely shifts her features. I’d like to be with a panel discussing these things while someone quotes a selection of scenes.
I’ve been in a zillion lit classes, taught many a many, but I’ve never seen in a film discussion, at least not with competent participants.

2014 10 11 Kim Basinger! Just thought of a different kind of “star” story, distaff side.
1985ish, I’d been writing my novel for a few years already, living in my car, betrayed by my patron. I’d write and write, get hungrey, the gas tank would get low, I’d have to go out and hustle some cash, sell an etching or two, go to a gallery, a frame shop, hold them against the wall if I had to, shake them down, go back and write. So I’m in a frame shop in Athens GA. Guy’s standing there getting a black and white enlargement of a beautiful girl in a bathing suit at a swimming pool. I heard him say his name, I heard him say her name, the shop owner seem to know both: Basinger, Kim Basinger. That was her dad, he’d taken the photos, in his back yard.

Gail Bruce, nee Gail Hire, Redline 7000, and I were super close, till she betrayed me. One of my life’s pleasures was staying with her sister near Hollywood, sifting though the shed, finding Gail’s old Ford Agency portfolios, age 16 and on. Jeez, never been a more beautiful model. Howard Hawks “discovered” Gail, said he was going to make her bigger than he’d made Lauren Bacall: she didn’t cooperate.
I made her big in the print world: again she didn’t cooperate. I wasn’t the first dealer she sabotaged, betrayed. Hawks could afford it, I couldn’t.
I’ve gotten too close to beautiful girls with moron but powerful husbands since too.

I also had an indirect association with Ali McGraw: I liked her brother, Dick McGraw: sob stiffed me with a bad check for $10! at a time when $10 meant a lot to me and my poor family.

Kim Basinger
Just saw LA Confidential, she won an award. I thought I was watching it a second time, but didn’t recognize much, maybe I bailed out when it was new. Sure, she’s pretty, we’ve all always know that; what I was thinking is: she’s a little worn around the edges, she’s a little old. Then I realized: she’s forty of so when making this film: she’s an old whore. And I reversed myself, turned my evaluation upside down: she’s great here, and age is a big part of it. Bravo. (But best was how magnetic Russell Crowe was, dominating the screen every moment he was present. Jeez, what a star.

Lotsa Lotsa
This started as a selection; not a compendium, my emphasis was current, recent But then a few days passed, I added another name, and another. I’ve resisted a half a dozen temptations to mention some other actress. Now I don’t resist, I add a couple, in a context:
Lotsa girls are pretty, lotsa girls are talented, lotsa girls can act, but a whole bunch of things have to come together before blasé beauty addicts, cosmepolitans, take notice, celebrate some extraordinary confluence. It ain’t just pulchritude: beauty, photography, costume, setting … plot, situation, character …
I just saw Gedmintas play another good mistress to a famous man of power: Borgia, Tudor. She’s striking, but what a great name!
Emma Stone: movie posters are not casual shapshots.
Gomez: cute girl in tight jeans with child-paint hand prints all over her: by her mons, on her hip …

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