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States Wrongs: A Contagion of Interstate Extortion
New Jersey double-sabotages pk’s transportation via two courts and the Trenton bureaucracy, Florida, like a pussy, following suit.
Public letter to NJMVS, hard copy snailmailed 2014 11 08
written and rewritten since 2014 09 02, memory improving with each draft

2014 11 08 Paul Knatz
1920 Brunns Rd #14
Sebring FL 3372

Hightstown Borough Municipal Court
1117 Route 130
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
PH (609) 259-3522

NJ DL#k5863 61900 09384, summons # 11979, 1985

2014 11 08

Dear Sirs:

Trenton posts bad information about me on the National Data Base, Florida takes heed. On September 02 of this year Florida MVC, Sebring, refused to renew my drivers license. Florida warned me this was coming in 2007. I wrote Trenton in 2007. Trenton sent me a form the specifics of which I don’t understand and which Trenton hasn’t explained since in any of the letters going back and forth, but I saw one thing: the Hightstown Court was one of two sources for Trenton.

This information from Hightstown is false: or at least incomplete and misleading. Driving at least to the store is essential for my survival. You must email me please, pk@Knatz.com, the name, title and email of a Hightstown court officer, English speaking, reading, and writing, so we can at last establish facts and untangle this noose around my neck.

I’ll tell a minimal back story in a moment, first I identify the main wrong here. I got a ticket, the ticket indicated a time at the Hightstown court. I attended. I waited while the judge called case after case. He didn’t call mine. The floor was being swept, I approached the bench: What about me? The judge refused to hear my Not Guilty plea (guilty with an explanation, and a protest). He said I wasn’t on his docket.

There’s a mistake of some kind here, looks to me like the court’s mistake. But greater mistakes were to follow. I had no trial, I was allowed no defense: so how can Hightstown tell Trenton to tell Florida that I owe a fine plus penalties? Don’t you have to be found guilty to owe a fine?

In 1985 maybe the information was just a mistake in a series of mistakes. But after I’ve been writing to Trenton since 2007 it’s no longer a mistake, it’s a lie, a sabotage: and foolish: shaking down the destitute: as I’ll explain once you provide me with a human to email with. But immediately you must tell Florida that the issues are still at issue: let me drive at least provisionally.

Here’s a brief of the back story:
In 1985 I got a ticket. The citation specified a court date in Hightstown. I was in New Jersey to check my Belle Mead PO Box for offers from publishers showing interest in my first novel. I lived in my car, and wrote. No mail, I was anxious to get back to Florida, but first I attended at the Hightstown court. I wanted to explain the circumstances to the judge, more than one circumstance, so I planed to plead Not Guilty (that is, Guilty, with an explanation).

But the judge didn’t call me. I showed him my ticket specifying that time and place. He said “You’re not on my docket, I can’t hear you.”

More of the back story I’ll tell online. Above are the essentials, and I’ve been explaining them to Trenton since 2007 and to Florida, Sebring, and Tallahassee since September 02. All those letters I put online. I was due a trial, I didn’t get a trial, I wasn’t found guilty, how can I owe a fine?

There’s a great deal of context, that too I’ll put online. I’ll duplicate this letter online: link to follow below.
I’ll edit and expand there, making this an open letter, I’ll post the past letters there (an indictment of Trenton literacy). Law enforcement beyond Hightstown should know what’s been done and what hasn’t been done.

Here I repeat:
I need a human to establish facts with: a human with a name and title.
You must tell Florida MV to reissue my license: or provide me with transportation to the store once a week and to the VA Clinic.

Yours truly,
Paul Knatz
pk@ Knatz.com
863 471-1731

2014 12 16 still no response
My November phone call to the court was rerouted to a different New Jersey court, robots only answering, my expensive long distance call came to naught. (Robinsville and Hightstown seem to share facilities.)

2015 02 28 Response! finally. The courts says sorry, all older records destroyed by Hurricane Irene! But the court didn’t say it would delete the false information about me in Trenton: that’s where the trouble is. It’s easy to be wrong, it’s easy to lie; it ain’t easy to correct a lie, especially in a bureaucracy. I have no long distance service, can’t afford such calls on welfare: but Jan will phone the court for me this 2015 03 01, try to get Hightstown to motivate Trenton to unblock Florida.
2015 03 02 Jan phoned the author of yesterday’s letter, or tried to. That bureuacrat is out of the office till Friday. Jan will try again then.
2015 03 24 Note that I have not yet digitized Trenton’s irrelevant response of 2015 02 28. But below I name the Hightstown court administrator who signed the letter. Who cares what documents the hurricane destroyed when the documents were false?!

2015 03 23 I write Trenton again!

Paul Knatz, etc

NJ Motor Vehicle Service
225 East State St
Trenton NJ 08666
re: NJ DL#k5863 61900 09384, summons # 11979, 1985
2015 03 23

Dear Sirs:

I repeat: the cop gave me a ticket, the ticket specified the Hightstown, gave a date. I appeared, I waited through dozens of cases. When they were about to turn the lights out, lock the door, I approached the bench, asked What about me? The judge looked at my ticket, looked at his dock, said, You’re not on my dock: wouldn’t hear my plea.

These thirty years later NJMV is still telling the national data base I failed to appear. Not true. First, I don’t think I was guilty of speeding. Second, I did appear. Third, NJ compounded its mistake, but want to punish me for it: has punished me!

In 1989 Florida granted me a drivers license, but this past September refused to rernew it: because of NJ’s misinformation on the national data base!
FL said I had to resolve it with NJ. Trenton said I had to resolve it with the Hightstown court. The court didn’t answer my letter till 02/22/15, said Hurricane Irene made the records go missing. Court Administrator Gilsenan forwarded her letter to NJMVC: but again didn’t address the point at issue.

I lost my license, NJ should loose its license to post misinformation about citizens. Dammit, remove that misinformation from so long ago. Tell FL it’s a snafu, nothing I’m guilty of.

Yours truly,

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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