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States Wrongs: A Contagion of Interstate Extortion

New Jersey double-sabotages pk’s transportation via two courts and the Trenton bureaucracy. Florida, like a pussy, follows suit. Florida tells me that only Trenton can fix it. Trenton tells me that only the two courts reporting misinformation can address it. My testimony in 1985 wasn’t heard. My letters since 2007 weren’t understood. Here’s my letter to the Flemington court:

2014 11 10 Paul Knatz
1920 Brunns Rd #14
Sebring FL 3372

Flemington, New Jersey Court
Hunterdon County Courthouse
65 Park Avenue
Flemington, NJ 08822

NJ DL#k5863 61900 09384, summons # F10081
2014 11 10

Dear Sirs:

Trenton posts bad information about me on the National Data Base, false information: Florida takes heed. On September 02 of this year Florida MVC, Sebring, refused to renew my drivers license. Florida warned me this was coming in 2007. I wrote Trenton in 2007. Trenton sent me a form the specifics of which I don’t understand and which Trenton hasn’t explained since in any of the letters going back and forth, but I saw one thing: the Flemington Court was one of two sources for Trenton.

This information from your Flemington court is false: or at least incomplete and misleading. Driving at least to the store is essential for my survival. I’m an old man on food stamps, more about that will follow. You must email me please (pk@Knatz.com) the name, title and email of a Flemington court officer, English-speaking, -reading, and -writing, so we can at last establish facts and loosen this noose around my neck.

Three essentials:
1 What happened in Flemington court, 1988
2 What was the immediate context: Facts are anti-personnel mines without context.
3 What was the larger context: most important of all.

1 1988 I got pulled over by a cop. I don’t remember why. But, we went to court, me, the cop: Judge Martin. I asked Judge Martin if I wan’t entitled to pro bono legal counsel. I filled out his form. He saw my entry for income, the truth: $0. He laughed derisively, loudly crumpled my form, and threw it in the wastebasket. He fined me, say $60.
I told Judge Martin I didn’t have $60. I was homeless, writing my novels, living in my car, eating by the expedient of selling multiple original graphic art I still had in my trunk from when I was actively in business, before writing. I pointed out to Judge Martin that though I couldn’t pay the fine, I could pay in art, with art valued higher than $60: or post art as collateral. He let me go to my car. I returned with an original etching by Dutch artist Thom deJong, retail value $200. Judge Martin wanted to know why he should believe it was worth $200. I again went to my car, came back with my PK Fine Arts, Ltd. price list from 1982, my last active year. I explained, I was the publisher, I set the price. True, but Judge Martin didn’t accept it: he wanted proof other than from me. I promised to have one of my customers testify as to who I was. A gallery owner in Lambertville, Linda, her gallery on the river, wrote Judge Martin a letter: Thom deJong etching, Paul Knatz publisher, retail $200. (The etching was embossed with my pk logo. It would be more like $1,000 today.)
Judge Martin accepted the etching.

2 Immediate context
My car and license were New Jersey because I opened a post office box in Belle Mead so I could offer publishers an address, trying to sell my novels. But I lived most of the years in Florida. That summer I was writing in the Hunterdon library, Flemington, where I could plug into electricity. I was camped in Lambertville on the Delaware. I sought alliance with the Anglican pastor there: my subjects are theological, cosmological, I hoped he’d be an ally. He assigned a social worker to me, she put me on welfare, via Flemington. Food stamps would come next, but I couldn’t stand it. Summer was passing. I knew of a fishing camp in the Everglades where I might be able to work in the camp store in exchange for rent. Flat busted I limped to Florida, never to return to New Jersey. That camp did get me through that winter. Then I broke down again, never got further north than Sebring. And that’s where I must drive: a couple of miles of lethal Hwy 27, to the store, and a couple of other miles to the VA clinic: at least as a veteran I have good health care.

3 larger context, who’s Paul Knatz, why is he broke?
That I begin to answer online
https://pknatz.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/pk-versus-new-jersey/ [note: that URL has been changed, see menu]
There I duplicate this letter and also my letter to other New Jersey bureaucracies: another court (Hightstown) which wrongly says I owe money, Trenton …
Thus this is a public letter. The pubic, Trenton, FLMV, the state governors, the president … the Times, law enforcement beyond New Jersey, the whole world should know what’s been done to me, and fix it.
I also post there my letters to Trenton since 2007 (the first I learned that NJ was buzzing after me). And also I post there my frenetic letters to FLMV since Sept 02 of this year: Florida got on fine with my driving till then.

What Next?
The officer who sends me an email should know what my supposed infraction was. I don’t remember the actual fine: it was around $60. Why am I being sabotaged? It seems to me Flemington should have given me a public defender. It seems to me that Flemington owes me change for my etching: $200 – $60 = $140 change.

Is the above too much detail? It’s longer than I hoped, but at some point I have to grit my teeth and send it. There’s more I’ll add, if necessary, once I’m talking directly to a court officer.

I’m too poor to have long distance service. When I phoned Hightstown anyway I got Robbinsville, then nobody: paid calls. Email, please, let’s straighten this out. Either see that the debts are spurious, call them off, or structure them to be payable by me, with what I’ve got, or can get.

Loss of my drivers license is life threatening as well as torture. You must tell Florida MV to reissue my license: or provide me with transportation to the store once a week! and to the VA Clinic. and sometimes to my girlfriend.

Yours truly,

Paul Knatz
pk@ Knatz.com
863 471-1731

2014 12 16 Updates I’ll note in another file: pk / Flemington 2014 12

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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