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Fiddler on Rome

/ Survival / Fiddling While Rome Burns Nero fiddled while Rome burned: so said a bunch of Roman historians. Nero set the fire himself said some. GB Shaw joked that this caesar did it as urban renewal: old Rome was … Continue reading

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Legitimate Reality

Reality has no legitimacy. Life, evolution is a set of results of choices. Human reality is the set of choice made by beings who dub themselves sentient. Sentient perhaps, but is their sentience wise? Did they make good choices? How … Continue reading

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Turing Wilde Bronson

/ Movies / Please join me in celebrating the super esthetic irony of filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn. I just streamed Bronson to see more of the great Tom Hardy whom I’d never heard of before yesterday, but Lawless had me … Continue reading

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/ Kleptocracy / Interstate Shakedown: (re: pk’s current torture linked below) The kleptocracy thrives, temporarily, disastrously, unsustainably, by the expedient of fragmentation: the society power structure is vertical, centralized, but fragmented: BureaucracyB is told what CourtM said to IndividualX but … Continue reading

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