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Recreating pk’s censored domains:
/ Social Order / AgainstHierarchy /, created in 2006, was laid out like any domain in the group (all destroyed in the wake of the US censoring It had a top frame (with quotes, links), a bottom frame (with links), a left column frame (menu, links), and a middle frame: the main display window.

To Whit:
2006 08 29

We humans are sexed, mortal creatures. None of us is the beginning, none of us is the end. We are not the origin, we are not the goal. We should I believe stop putting our face on God (and then saying that “He” did it).
(Take a sober look at the universe, stop anthropomorphizing it. Aid your vision with science and you’ll see that the universe doesn’t have a daddy. I wish we’d see that society doesn’t need one either.)
(I’m revising freely, no time yet to worry about unity of style. Art should serve understanding, not offer obstacles to trip on.)
Parents precede children. Time runs in one direction only. Therefore, at a birth, the parents know more than the child. The parents have every right, indeed an obligation, if they want their characteristics to survive, to offer guidance to the child. They may not be infallible, but they are more experienced. But then the child will do best, get strongest, if the parents step back, let the kid try things, no matter how dangerous.
Anyway, here we are, social primates, where the parents are older than the children, the male is slightly taller, heavier, stronger on average than the female; either gender is significantly taller, heavier, stronger on average than the child … We naturally form a sort of a hierarchy. Early man wouldn’t have had to be taught Confucius; she would naturally have deferred to the “he” in some things, living grandmothers would also naturally have been honored.
And humans have a huge survival advantage in remembering things. We can remember, and imagine, and envision. We’re smart: as primates go.

So: when I declare against hierarchy, I am not talking about natural structures, natural advantages. I am opposing factitious hierarchies: artificial leverage added to natural leverage. If the male is taller, fine. He doesn’t need a political party to say he’s taller. He doesn’t need to make it a “law.”
Leadership would have emerged, and then evaporated, in early human group-living. But in modern societies the damn leaders don’t lead, they bring up the caboose: and it’s impossible to get rid of them. Modern mankind has allowed social parasites to parade as though they were inevitable, part of human nature.

In 1970, when I offered FLEX — the Free Learning Exchange — as a cheap, low-tech community bulletin board, one capable of internetting with other such public data bases, I did so in the hope of obviating the school system with its automatic prescription of hierarchy: the teacher is assigned by the state, not hired by either the parents or the students. The students are packaged together by the state, not by any volition of their own. A school is a secular hierarchy assigned coercively by the secular pretenders to experience. To live packed together in large numbers, we’ve gone horribly astray.
Personally, I’d rather be a caveman, back in a small human group: eating as we find food, living as we may. This year, Billy is stronger than Susie, though Susie may be stronger, and smarter, than Eric. Fine. Who knows what Eric will come up with tomorrow?

The first statements about factitious hierarchy, both sacred and secular, will be posted here by pk. To date pk’s posts were all to his home page: which became, then some blogs got added. My theory of art as complex information split off into My many modules about founding FLEX, joining Illich as a deschooler, split off into All of the latter and many of the former are actually examples of being Against (factitious, excrescent) Hierarchy. I’ll add new modules on the subject to here and also perhaps adapt some modules from and from I invite the public to submit posts on the subject. You don’t have to agree, but it’s my site: if you want me to post your essay you will have to appeal to my sense of something: style, thought …

Hosted by (in 2006)

Note:, Vancouver, had been my IP host since before 1995. For a while my son’s network hosted a few pro-bono sites: his own, his buddy’s, mine, Catfarmer’s … He lost the machine he’d been promised: so I moved everything to PKImaging had plenty of room.

NYU, what got me arrested, my work destroyed, to be resurrected next.

scrap to be absorbed: was the keystone pk domain censored by the US in February 2007.
Everything else tumbled like dominos: six domains, several thousand mixed media documents, several thousand graphics …

I launched in the mid-’00s. I began posting the main initial section / NYU / on 2006 08 31. The main document got posted 2006 09 13 The FBI arrested me 13 October 2006, the judge censored in February 2007. At my release I was warned not to say anything further about NYU or I’d be put back in jail. Now at the end of 2014 I may be going back to jail for an expired drivers license: sabotage I don’t seem to be able to gain against. I’d better put my actual documents back up while I can (macular degeneration is tag-teaming with age against me, I’d better work fast). The writing presented to the prosecutor by the FBI was written not by pk but by the FBI, based on what I had written: rewritten for misunderstanding. Those papers must be available through the federal court at Fort Pierce; but here (in a moment) is what I actually wrote: with my reading lesson accompanying.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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