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2016 07 28 I had a mandatory appearance before a Highlands County judge this morning in Sebring: continuance for Aug 28. The only thing of any significance accomplished was that he hooked me up with a public defender. I’ll fill h er in next week, hope for the best. Otherwise the judge was hostile.

I intend to post all relevant correspondence with Florida MV and New Jersey MV.
September 2nd Florida declined to renew my driver’s license, citing “information” from New Jersey. I told Florida that NJ’s information was false: part true, essentially incomplete, misleading: bottom line: false. Florida said I’d have to straighten it out with NJ.
NJ, Trenton, told me I’d have to clear it with the courts! The court posting the false information!

Correspondence on these matters dates from 1985, 1987 … 2007, 2014: September, October, November, December.
Next I link to my letters, two, to the two reporting courts:

Hightstown, snail mailed 2014 11 08
Flemington, snail mailed 2014 11 10
and a third: pk / Flemington 2014 12

(updates are inserting at the end of each court letter)
My original introduction post, 2014 11 05, was called “pk versus New Jersey”
I mailed the URL to the two courts in the above linked letters, WordPress code has tripped up my attempts to keep that URL: I must change it to this URL.
I’ll also post previous correspondence with Highlands County FL, with Tallahassee FL, and with Trenton NJ once I’ve sorted my records.

Before I do that, here are some related files:

Subject already established here: Back story: Bureau Thugs
Cannibal States
States Wrongs
and Knatz.com passim

Other correspondence to come after I’ve determined the authoritative draft:

pk to Trenton 2007
pk to Trenton 2014 09 02
pk to FlMV 2014
Trenton to pk 2014 09

2015 04 16 Trenton sent me six pages of forms proving that they hadn’t absorbed any part of my testimonies. The forms just repeated the original mistakes: and fined me more than ever.
2015 06 05 I once again write to Paula, the supervisor in Sebring MVD I spoke to on the phone 2014 09, and wrote to around October. This time I repeat all and declare that I give up: why wrote to courts that don’t know how to read, or listen, or get facts even partly right. Nazi bureaucracy.
I dup that letter here.

2015 05 24 Having struck out with Florida in Sebring and in Tallahassee, having struck out in New Jersey with Hightstown, with Flemington and with Trenton, I try going over their heads. Now I must post a series of parallel letters: to the governor of Florida, to the governor of New Jersey … to the White House … to the UN agency on Human Rights …
And, as I’ve quipped in a couple of the elder letters, God already has all originals, and all copies. We won’t get away with open defiance of the truth, of the actual universe, of true gods, for ever.
FL: draft to Gov. Rick Scott, 2015 05 24

2016 02 14 Humana (Health Care), hearing that I needed pro bono legal assistance, had a social worker contact me: Jackie. Jackie gave me the phone number of a Heart of FL Legal Aid Society, for Highlands: 1 863 519-5663. But that number doesn’t reach anyone: electronic beeps, robot messages, can’t call without access code.
A year and a half ago a legal aid office promised a lawyer would phone: none has as of today.

2016 08 22

It doesn’t matter how many laws there are if the lawyers are liars.

redate 2016 08 18

Report: Thursday PM. I met with the pro bono lawyer this noon, Robert Tucker: seemed nice enough, smart enough, but was helplessly was part of the government fly trap apparatus. Trial Monday, he’ll plead nolo contendere for me: Wrong, but maybe the best I can hope for in this kleptocracy. I’ll leave this note & link up through Monday in case Rucker wants to take a look, thereafter I’ll removie this link, or post a new report, dated then, Monday.

Bench Murder
ASAP I’ll make time to argue that the court is physically as well as mentally and spiritually damaging me, necessitating my bicycling (or walking) to the court house. When I get there no one listens to me. Democracy, legitimacy, all are sham where no communication takes place. They’re slammed the door on me all my life but can’t be told: because in their own definitions, they, the kleptocracy, government by theft, are the good guys.

I’ve carried my correspondence with NJ and FL since FL refused to renew my license, thanks to NJ’s misinformation in the national data base. The cop who finally stopped me last month wouldn’t look at it, wouldn’t even open the envelope. Judge Ritenauer wouldn’t look at it, refused to know that I was trying to show it to him: wouldn’t admit my briefcase, into his bench area, treated me like I was carrying a bomb.
Maybe I should have carried a bomb seventy-odd years ago when the society first forced me into a school (that didn’t listen, wasn’t qualified to listen.) Human governments aren’t qualified to identify citizens. (Neither are churches.)

Murder by Traffic
Actually I shold say homicide by judicial bench, by traffic: it’s not first degree where there’s no consciousness. The governments I’ve suffered through get dumber and dumber, have never understood a thing.

What a spectacle, kleptocrats pretending that Literacy could be intellectually responsible in a kleptocracy. We couldn’t possibly have a legitimate government until all back stories are reviewed and ratified by a proven sentience: meantime, there are none: not God, not government, certainly not FL, NJ, or US.

Thursday I told the public defender that I’ve been over my handlebars and onto the pavement twice in the last couple of weeks, all within inches of speeding trucks on Hwy 27. Maybe I should wait, ignore them till they arrest me, let them chauffeur me.

Here’s what I just wrote bk:
Court News
I got along OK with the public defender. He assured me that all my backgtround stories meant nothing, only one fact was before them, I was driving without a license.

The good news is; 60 days maximum. The fine will be a few hundred but I can opt for a payment plan
and if I don’t pay, Oh well, they can’t fail me anymore, not on that issue.
He’ll try to trade $ for community service, which I’ve always done anyway: this time I want credit.

Jan will be so upset that they still refuse to know anything about it, to see their complicity: see themselves as a huge part of the cause..

The lawyer got a kick out of my asking him if he knew any ambitious greedy young lawyers who’d like to help me sue FL, NJ, DC …
said you can’t make money suing sovereign states.

2016 08 22 Trial this morning, 9 AM, Judge Rittenauer, Robert Tucker, Public Defender. All done: fines, a monthly payment play, community service valued at $8 / hour. Salvation Army handles the payments: if I don’t pay, they can suspend my driving license! Sayonara! I’ll add details.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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