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pk & the MVB of New Jersey, Florida
and 2 courts in NJ … kleptocracy in general crucifying reformers, stabbing artists, punishing individuals, particularly philosophers of individualism.

original pk versus New Jersey material posted 2014 11 05

… How can I tell Florida that it should ignore New Jersey, New Jersey is not worthy of the name of a state, it’s just Judge Martin and Tony Soprano committing an interstate contagion of extortion: but learn from the Sicilian mafia: they kidnapped people who could pay the ransom, they didn’t waste time and money beating up on people already beaten.

vin's blog
But all I ever did was work at the Department of Motor Vehicles!
thanx sipseystreetirregulars
Vin Suprynowicz

(I’m glad to borrow from Vin’s blog: Vin’s wife is one of my dearest friends, the great Catfarmer.)

Alternate phrasing: side with Jesus on the cross, not with the centurions with the vinegar, the spear.

Does the bureaucracy know what it’s doing? Does it know who it’s doing it to?
God knows. He hasn’t done anything about it yet, but it’s foolish to think he won’t. Meantime, the Romans, the Jews, General Custer, the Nazis think they’re getting away with it.

This statement of mine has been quoted around the web for a decade or more:

BureaucratN Every time the citizen goes to the Bureaucracy, there’s a different bureaucrat.
Bureaucrat2 has no knowledge of what you said to Bureaucrat1
(and if he does, the Bureaucracy can substitute Bureaucrat3, Bureaucrat4 …)
So only the Bureaucracy’s records count.
Thus false memory erases the individual’s experience, over and over.

Minimum things to know about Paul Knatz:
See all of pKnatz blog. is trying to resurrect the thousands of files censored in 2007, but even th of 2006 was in development, not compete.

I was in grad school from 1963 to 1971 failing to communicate my reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets: the professors cup was already full, couldn’t hold more or different.
But I’d already conceived of an internet, already seen Ivan Illich’s proposal that neighborhood data bases of learning resources should replace the school system: all that is compulsory is anathama. So: I offered the world’s first public internet. But the world is run by and for the corporations, by and for the corporatist US. The powers knocked me down, eventually offered their own internet: coopting, plagiarizing Illich and me, perverting, control by them.
My FLEX was intended as unregulated, uncensorable. It’s a crowning irony that Federal Judge Martizez censored one of my domains in 2007, the IP destroyed all of my data from all six domains: 4,000 essays; thousands of graphics: including my evidence against my university.
Justice is impossible where the kelptocracy’s bureau can bury evidence, interrupt testimony.
And even that won’t make full sense unless you have some sense of the fiction I’ve been writing and having rejected since the 1960s: their rejection had nothing to do with quality and everything to do with information control.

2014 11 20 I can’t afford long distance phone calls, I don’t have a long distance account, I wouldn’t have a local phone if the state didn’t subsidize the account. But NJ MV keeps offering phone numbers, phones which put you on long distance hold for a half an hour before connecting you to a moron bureaucrat. My girl friend calls Trenton for me, to say: please give me the name, title, and email address of an officer to the appropriate bureaucracy. She finally reaches a NJ bureaucracct. He wants information about me she doesn’t have, I give it to her, she calls back. Now the guy wants my NJ address. All I had was a PO Box, I was living in my car. I search my memory: maybe I gave my friends in Belle Mead’s address. I remember when they invented the address themselves in 1963 or thereabouts: called their farm Duckhurst, invented the name Duckhurst Lane for the street, the PO invented a number to go with it: 1234 Duckhurst Lane, but I’m not sure.
But: NJ is beating me up, illegally, unconscionably. Why should I have to tell the mugger my greatgrandmother’s maiden name and my father’s social security number in order to demand that that mugger stop mugging me?


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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