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Two facts, re: pk & Flemington Court NJ

1) No one in NJ, not Trenton, not Flemington, explained to me their claim that my NJ drivers license was suspended in 1987 until it was so claimed over the telephone on 2014 11 08. At that time it was also claimed that I had no insurance when stopped. I wrote Flemington on 2014 11 10 without yet realizing the following facts:

2.A) The claim of no insurance is possibly true: I don’t remember what I was ticketed for in 1987: it could have been insurance. I remember clearly I was stopped when I was on my way to purchase insurance, I had the premium in my pocket: and I bought the insurance that same hour. But yes, I was stopped before I’d reached the insurance agency.

2.B) The claim that my license was suspended cannot be true, not at that time. Here’s why:
As my letter of 2014 11 10 reports I appeared before Judge Martin. My appearance was drawn out over several days as I drove around NJ establishing relevant documents for him. In court, once I’d told the judge I could not pay the fine, Judge Martin gave me permission to leave the court long enough to walk to my car and come back with the portfolio of fine art that contained the etching I was offering him in place of cash. Judge Martin acceptedd the etching but only after I ran other errands for the court: getting a testimony from a local art gallery that the Thom deJong etching in question had a value of $200. Thus I was driving in NJ with Judge Martin’s knowledge and approval for several more days. Then I went homeless, then I was put on welfare, all in Flemington. Then I fled NJ never to return.

At no point did the court tell me my license was suspended. Thereafter the court had no way of reaching me: I was homeless, I fled to FL. I heard nothing more about it until 2007. And didn’t hear either that I had no insurance or that my license was suspended till 2014 11 08.

The court’s accusations: they’re making it up, not used to being challenged. FL is cooperating, not used to realizing that they’re an accomplice in an extortion racket, not truthful: not lawful.


FL declined to renew my license, citing data posted by NJ to the National Data Base with reference to the 1980s. Note that the National Date Base did not exist till much later. Note that FL has not questioned NJ’s accuracy and is so far ignoring my input.

I received two tickets in NJ in the 1980s. FL told me in 2007 that NJ had reported unresolved issues on the National Data Base. I wrote Trenton in 2007. Trenton answered with a form I could decipher, except to see a glaring falsehood: Hightstown said I didn’t appear at my hearing; the truth is I was there and the judge refused to hear my plea!

My ire over that falsehood may have distracted me from seeing that there was a second issue lurking in the form’s code: Flemington, 1987.

Everything seemed fine until my license expired this September. Now FL has denied my driving: me, a broke old man. New Jersey doesn’t seem to be any better to understand what I say in 2014 than they were in 1980s, FL is no better, I haven’t been able to establish one true fact.

I’ve been recalling events since 2007, each time I commit incidents to writing I remember another detail.

Here’s a major one: Flemington court’s code seems to say that my NJ license was suspended in 1987. I didn’t understand that until I was already posting my letter to Flemington of 2014 11 10. Digesting it for another couple of days, I see that it can’t be true.

I don’t deny that NJ might have suspended my license after my appearance before Judge Martine in 1987, but it was not suspended at the time: over several days I drove several errands for Judge Martin: under his nose, coordinating my movements with the court: he did not tell me I couldn’t drive!

He may have decided I couldn’t drive later one, but without so informating me. He had no way to reach me: I came to NJ to close my PO Box. I became homeless while there. I fled to Florida, had no address till 1989. There was no way to NJ to tell me about a suspended license. Now NJ is trying to hold me responsible for a fiction: their misstatement about suspension.

scribble from before, I’ll edit:

2014 12 10 accurate to here, now I add:
The above letter corrected something missing from my earlier letters to FL & NJ MVBs: I hadn’t realized they were accusing me of not having insurance, were saying that my NJ license had been suspended then.
Can’t be true.
Two key points to add.
1) The form Trenton mailed me in 2007 mentioned an issue with Hightstown and also mentioned Flemington: but it was code. I didn’t understand till the day before the above was mailed and sent that Flemington was claiming that my NJ drivers license had been suspended! Then it made a kind of sense to me: yes, I’d been stopped before I’d completed all details of making my driving legal: I remembered the above details of my appearance before Judge Martin; I did not remember exactly what the charges were. But:
2) The result canNot, net yet, have included a license suspension: here’s proof:
I was driving to and fro with the court over several days. Judge Martin knew perfectly well I was driving! I was running and fetching for him!
Maybe NJ suspended my license later. But, note this: if they did, they never told me!
There was no way to tell me. I was homeless, trying to get back to Florida: I had no NJ address: except the motel Flemington welfare moved me into over a weekend!

2014 11 20 My blessed girlfriend, Jan, just learned something from Trenton MVB, an important consideration: I haven’t till this minuted rmembered what the charges were against me in Flemington in 1988: no liability insurance! Now it comes back to me: I was driving to get the insurance, I’d just sold some art, raised the cash: the cop stopped me on my way to buy the insurance. But yes, I was driving without liability insurance: guilty. Even if I got the insurance with five minutes more to drive the rest of the block it was still the case that I had been driving without insurance. I’d been living without income, withhout a home: no surprise to me that I didn’t have insurance: the previous week I’d been driving the car unregistered!
But, consider: if the society won’t let a guy make a living, arbitrarily sabotages him, then he’ll be a gypsy. The kleptocracy had made me a gypsy, I was a gypsy, and I’m still be persecuted for it. But: all my protestations above, how wrong the court was, how negligent, how heinous, however true, failed to mention my not having the insurance. I’m half hysterical here, I’ll clarify another time.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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