Revenge Countdown PS

If your reading skills do not include skill with irony, leave this page this instant. pk is a Swift, a Twain: this letter is a masterpiece of irony. I should have been feted in 2006 if I hadn’t been in 1963 ff; not failed, further sabotaged. My lawyer understood what was going on but he declined to pass perception along. Knew, said outloud, that he’d go to hell for the omission!

Understand, this is a layer in an onion. You need to understand the whole, the gestalt; not one part of one layer.

Understand, the federal court warned me, the parole guy warned me, that if I tried to repost this, they’d put me back in jail. Saints can’t avoid jail, neither can some artists, some geniuses, some unlucky schmucks … I’m going blind, deaf: do your worst.

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pk versus NYU
pk versus NYU
Revenge Countdown PS
email of 2006 10 10

Now I can do anything I like
(You recognize of course that I’m referencing
a line in Bruce Sterling’s Schismatrix)
Literate English professors should have seen it.)

(Cited below)

Dear Professor,
As I’ve been narrating for more than three decades (and further, as I’ve been saying online for more than a decade), my NYU doctoral orals committee interrupted my answers, prevented my themes from being established. Taking turns, one would interrupt me: the other four would sit and allow it. This was after several years of me failing to see that they’d understood my papers either.
Communication wasn’t impossible at NYU. Others, repeating things already understood, seemed to communicate perfectly well. It was my thesis that couldn’t be brought up.
Lucy doesn’t promise to hold the football and then pull it away from every little boy;
but she does always pull it away from Charlie Brown.
The Temple of Jerusalem understood perfectly well what Herod said and what Caiaphas said. They understood what Pilat said. Actually, they also understood what John said, and what Jesus said: saw that it spelled the end for them. So they cooperated among each other to refuse to understand.

Not one word of apology or explanation has reached me in these more than forty years since my first matriculation at NYU. At least I haven’t seen my thesis published under other people’s names. 
But when I turned my back on NYU, gave up on my doctorate, it was because I’d already founded the Free Learning Exchange, Inc.: replace existing institutions by out-competing them through a cheap low tech internet.
THAT you (and everyone else in the world) did duplicate: again, without credit to me: or to Ivan Illich, my teacher in the matter (the whole society’s teacher, if people had listened).
Normal employment is impossible for me. I made money in business, but unable to take more than a few hours from my themes (and having more than a few bad habits), I couldn’t keep it up. No. In a small group I could gather, hunt, fish; in this society I can do nothing but rail against it, offer to improve it, be defeated, rail some more. Thus, I require patronage. I’ve gotten some: all temporary, now all past tense.
A Bruce Sterling dialogue resonates with me:
“Do you know what submission is, darling?”
“No,” Lindsay said harshly. “But I know what it means not to care about dying.”
“We’re not like the others,” she said.
“They put us past the limits. And now we can do anything we like to them, can’t we?”

The time has come. I’m down to the last few dollars from my late last patron. Social Security (which I don’t believe in) pays me $350 a month. I plan to continue to work to post my domains, for as long as I can. But as I see the last dollar in the bottom of the account rush at me, I’ll be hitching to NY: looking for revenge.
For details and for what it’s still not quite too late to do, see [URL defunct ]

Now I’ve sent at least one email warning to every member of the NYU English Department listed at
A couple of days ago problems with EarthLink, the incompetent company the incompetent Sprint gave the email part of my DSL account to, prompted me to switch to another service: shopping the email responsibility out. If anyone from NYU has responded to any of my alerts, as of this 2006 10 03 2:40 PM, I have not gotten it. Responses sent to are not reliable. Contact me as

[2014 12 27 This last paragraph, like the letter above, was added at the time, 2006 October.]

My next step [ditto, 2006 Oct] will be to contact those same addresses again, prompting reply to
Then I will select other professors from other departments, trying to guess what specialty might have been able to respond to my suppressed Shakespeare thesis. I’ll try the hard sciences, I’ll try less hard sciences.
After that I’ll select academics from other institutions, then members of the New York City public.
After all, one never know who might understand. And anyone in New York when I arrive might be in danger.
As the time approaches closest, I’ll alert the media: though realize: anyone can read my plans here: anyone, at any time.

2014 12 27 On my next visit I’ll begin adding some of the 2006 addenda, but most importantly will insert a reading lesson into the above letter. Now, in sum: every feature, the style, screams This is Not literal!!
People don’t know how to read the Bible, or literature: how can they read an English professor mocking them with absurdies?

Email note, 2006 10 05: My email address of is working just fine. Last week my email address of was not working at all. Today my preferred email address of is having problems which I expect to be fixed soon. Meantime seems reliable.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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