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pk versus NYU

2006 10 04
I wrote something yesterday to some members of the NYU English Department that I’ll repeat here, making it a distinct module:
Communication wasn’t impossible at NYU. Others, repeating things already understood, seemed to communicate perfectly well. It was my thesis that couldn’t be brought up.

Lucy doesn’t promise to hold the football
and then pull it away from every little boy;

but she does always pull it away from Charlie Brown.

The Temple of Jerusalem understood perfectly well what Herod said and what Caiaphas said. They understood what Pilat said. Actually, they also understood what John said, and what Jesus said: saw that it spelled the end for them. So they cooperated among each other to refuse to understand.
pk talks about communication all over his domains. Use the Search feature below.
Come to think of it I’ll also repeat here one pk point on communication in particular.
The sergeant can make you understand him; you cannot make the sergeant understand you.
(Actually, that’s a paraphrase.)
Communication can never by symmetrical in an artificial hierarchy: like a school, like a government. And the institution that stifles messages will never find itself guilty of the practice; though after every revolution it will simply be assumed of the predecessor.

Hmm. I guess I have to say an additional something about whether the Temple understood John … Jesus. I do not mean to suggest that everyone understands everything. Wilberforce did NOT understand Darwinian evolution. (But then neither did Huxley!) What Wilberforce did understand, perfectly well, was that a biosphere that could learn, change, adapt, instruction from an overlord not necessary, spelt doom for simplistic hierarchical Christianity.
I am not saying that my orals committee understood what they prevented me from being able to say. I am suggesting that they saw that what I was about to say would be incompatible with their understanding of Shakespeare, of the Sonnets … of English, of literature.
Hierarchies need hierarchies outside their hierarchy to pronounce judgment on their hierarchy. Then that hierarchy too will need a meta hierarchy.
Judging is something humans do almost automatically, like talking. But it could only be a biosphere that does no judging that would need no judging. So. I judge, you judge. But I sure hope I don’t take to too seriously. Or literally.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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