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pk versus NYU

2006 08 28
[One of] The entrance file[s] said: “I blame the world that we now have this whorish internet of planned escalating obsolescence instead of cheap public service. But I blame NYU that still no one that I am aware of understands my reading of Shakespeare even as of 2006. …”
Christians blame the Jews that Jesus got crucified, but might not the Chinese, or the Aztec, have tortured and executed him similarly? My thesis might not have been understandable at other universities as well: in 1964, in 1969 … I might have gotten no better a reception at Columbia, or at Rice … That’s very much to the point: I argue that Shakespeare perfectly well knew how to hide important messages from the censoring consciousness. I argue that this pattern is standard: Christians don’t understand their own basic stories, the Church doesn’t understand its own theology … though through myth … everyone understands everything … just without understanding it.
My thesis addresses a subject that got Peter Abelard castrated a thousand years ago. My experience shows that we’re not better at addressing it today: the nature of reality in a hierarchically organized human society. The hierarchy blocks understanding at the top as well as all the way down. And yet understanding sometimes emerges anyway. It just can’t expect to be allowed to live, to breed.
But: it’s particularly significant that I got derailed in the later 1960s, through the early 1970s. Those are the years when both public and fed were actively flushing intelligence and integrity from its institutions: including, even especially, private universities.

What’s the figure again? The fed finances something like 60% of private university budgets?

And how does the fed get these funds? By fraud. Of course.

I of course wanted to get rid of the school system in order to get rid of the fed. Let people reclaim their places from the robots, from the killing machine.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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