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pk versus NYU

2006 09 26

I was in the army when I took my first course at NYU GAS. The army paid the tuition. When I got out of the service to attend full time NYU gave me a small fellowship. It paid me nothing to live on but did cover a small part of the tuition and fees. To live, I took a student loan: state guaranteed.
That was the first of many student loans. NYU continued to give me “fellowships” that covered some portion, never all, of the tuition. I got married. My wife worked. My wife’s family helped. Then I taught. Then Colby College fired me illegally. My lawyer got Colby to pay the equivalent of NYU’s maximum fellowship as a penalty. (NYU got the lion’s share of Colby’s penalty: my reward was to be allowed to get poorer.) (I attempt to reconstruct: say the fellowship was $2,500. All of it was paid to NYU. Then NYU dribbled some to me.) (Gee folks: say $1,500 to support my family for a year!) (That’s like punishing the plantation owner by giving fifteen lashes to the slave who got injured!)

By the time I walked out of NYU realizing that they were never going to understand what I was saying or doing, I owed plenty in student loans. Fortunately they weren’t due to be repaid right away. In theory one was supposed to be able to work, to earn an income, to get a raise, before having to pay back the student loans.

But I was running the Free Learning Exchange. The public didn’t volunteer 1% of its operating costs, nor 1% or 1% of what it would cost to set it up properly. Therefore I had no salary.
Then my student loans become due.

I struggled to make the payments. Gradually I whittled the balance down, but only by living in the extremest poverty: something I was long used to.

Finally, when the unpaid balance was only a few hundred dollars, I hit myself in the head. Fool! You shouldn’t have repaid any of it. The state encouraged you to go into debt to go broke. You should be suing them, not paying them.

So I stopped my repayments then and there. I really wish I still owed the thousands, not just the couple of hundred.

I really wish there were somewhere in the world a lawyer who could understand what was done to me and a kleptocracy that would permit that lawyer to sue on my behalf: but as a class action suit.
The trouble is: if any kleptocracy even began to pay its debts there would swiftly be nothing left to pay with.

2015 01 05 At my sentencing, Feb 2007, Judge Martinez forbade me ever to have any contact with NYU for any reason. My lawyer pointed out to the judge that NYU was contacting me: they were sending my student load bills all the time! Wonderful, the judge forbids me to pay off my loan! The lawyer laughed and laughed. No, no, said Judge Martinez: of course you can answer those messages.

Kleptocrats have their head so far up their ass no minuet could reverse our contortions.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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