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Watching a DVD on eugenics, Homo Sapiens 1900, is triggering urges in me to say a few things immediately, before I can budget a reasoned, mature, balanced response. So, as I so often do, I blurt things scrapbook style.

Darwin published Origen of Species in 1859. Churches reacted like fire ants, biting anyone’s ankles naive enough to stand still. By the end of the 1800s Sweden, the US, Germany were initiating sterilization programs, urging their kleptocracies to breed humans deliberately, like horses: put top-down authority back on top: God as perfect designer, foreseeing everything; not complexity emerging from simplicity: if that’s what life, existence, reality, truth … is doing. I root for some ideas but iterate that none of us really knows anything. Oh, and Darwin is so humble! What a model.

There are times when saving a life is a greater crime than taking one.
Dr Harry Haiselden, The Black Stork, 1917

As I just said to Jan: once upon a time there was little to divide astrology from astronomy: astrology was astronomy. A dozen decades ago Eugenics was a science, some of its hypotheses were honest ideas. Politics mix in with any important ideas: but Eugenics got stuck in politics (and prejudice!) like a boot in the muck.

thanx galtoninstitute

Eugenics Backlash

Humans have always expressed their desires, their urges, their prejudices by actions that include eating, killing … making choices, decisions, sometimes intending consequences, sometimes just finding that shit hits fans no matter the intention.

I remember my sarcasms to a client, friend, and neighbor on the subject of abortion. I said that we shouldn’t worry overmuch about killing a fetus: I think the freedom to murder an infant should be expanded to the right to murder a spouse, a roommate … an annoying teenager … people on the street the cut of whose jib we don’t like.

Delicious detail in the DVD: one group advocating sterilization of “defectives”: One group didn’t approve coercion; instead they persuaded defectives to undergo sterilization! A gaggle of experts push pens at some target castrato, urging him to sign away his biology. Push, push.

It’s natural for individuals in a social species to clump together, to form coalitions, for the coalitions to have a Nazi cast. Good people say they’re for killing “bad” people: Nazi are after all the super-race; Jews are subhuman: this view doesn’t need a defense, it’s obvious … Right? Well, Hitler, Germany, Goebels … industrialists, slavers … took it too far. Today some Jews and some politicians gather at Auschwitz to mourn concentration camps, industrial scale exterminations, while all around us the medical industry has gotten societies to tax and spend so that welfare is compulsory: the baby with two heads makes the doctors and hospitals even richer: the world owes the weak, the imbecile, a living. Backlashes can’t live forever but this one is a doozy. We subsidize the girl who can’t keep her legs together, subsidize her crack bastards, send them all to college (once we’ve sabotaged the colleges to be even stupider and more ignorant, more arrogant, than Salem judges).
Notice: we don’t subsidize the poor, the imbecile; we squander the money on bureaucrats in charge of the poor, the imbecile; we do NOT just give cash to the crack whore, at least not as much cash as we give to the bureau.

Holocaust Remembrance
Auschwitz liberated 1945

Happy International Holocaust Remembrance Day
I remind us that US history is rooted in genocide, slavery … labor forced, tricked, gotten however-gotten. But: it was business as usual, it was just plain sense. We said that God wanted us to, told us to; but we didn’t say it was science!

Eugenics should have been wise enough to shut up, to censor itself, try a little understatement. Go back and start the Twentieth Century all over again: without politics, without racism. Without government, without hospitals, without an AMA … or a teachers union.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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