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2014 10 06, plucked from Movie Monthly Archive

Seeing The Ward made me call up StarMan for a rewatch. I loved StarMan when it came out, can’t explain why I’ve seen so much Cameron, Scott … why so little Carpenter?

Ayyaiyai! Karen Allen in close up! She’s watching a video of herself and Jeff Bridges: it must be love lost, she’s so moving, our hearts break. Actually, Bridges is pretty damn cute himself, some couple.

In recent months this file [Movie Monthly: movie posts sometimes move around.] has accumulated quie a few mentions of favorite females. The horror genre is particularly rich in Thesbian Pulchritude. I’ll gather a selection into a gallery, then grow it.

I love the movie but some of the devices to make the very human Bridges look alien, out of his element, are a bit lame: that’s OK though: except when some particular is driving one bonkers. Short of bonkers, for example: Karen is driving Jeff to a flying saucer rendezvous, they stop in a roadside diner. There’s a dead deer on somebody’s trunk. Now starman and Karen have just been eating, scarfing down the Dutch apple pie with whipped cream. Jeff doesn’t barf and resurrect the apples, doesn’t separate the cream back out and find the cow it’s taken from; but he does go out to the parking lot and resurrect (and release) the deer! Which annoys the guy transporting the meat, the trophy …
Picture life three billion years ago. An amoeba moves: who might it be ticking off? What right do we have to walk, or breathe, or run, let alone eat?
I like our picture of natives asking a slain animal’s forgiveness: You see, I need to feed my family: so sorry, and thanks. [2015 01 29 best I’ve ever seen of that: David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals!]

Quick comment: StarMan voice over opens with a SEII sentiment: this disk is

our invitation to other intelligent species in the universe.

Who thought that one out? What if an unintelligent species comes?
What if an intelligent species doesn’t automaticaly swallow our claim to be intelligent? maybe wants to test us, maybe debate definitions?
Jeez, we’re naive.
But note: StarMan came out a couple of years after I was into my novel on the same subject: where the intelligences miss each other, by miles, by light years.

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