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2014 10 03, plucked from Movie Monthly Archive

I love to gush about this actor, that actress. I can fall in love twice in one block on Madison Aveue or on Broadway, I can fall in love with three ingenues between the matinee and the second feature. You know I do, look at all my movie babble here.

A minute ago (in a different post) I confessed a loathing for Julianne Moore, interpreted it as ethnic prejudice: freckled redhead horse face: that was simultaneous to exclaiming how great she was as Carrie White’s mom: as good as Piper Laurie, if that’s possible. Right now I’m seething with prejudices from a good several categories: revisiting the Cold War, uh, I lived through it, I don’t want to see it again, any more than I want to see Nixon again, or Clinton, or Reagan, or any of them. I’m seething at the realization of how the godawful 1950s blended unnoticed into the 1960s: the calendar said ’60s, the politics was stuck in the ’50s: cold Cold War. You see, I just popped The Manchurian Candidate, 1962, into the DVD slot.. I didn’t see it in 1962. I no longer loved Frank Sinatra, not as an actor, by 1962. He was and will ever be the greatest 1940s swing singer, but ’62 I absolutely puked over the idea of him being packaged as a soldier, let alone a commissioned officer, one who could hold his own in judo against orientals! From Here to Eternity was great: now leave it alone: and absolutely don’t be an officer. But as to The Manchurian Candidate, I worsip Sinatra compared to others in the cast: Lawrence Harvey. Ugh, retch: one of a zillion repellently good-looking Englishmen. And here he’s supposed to be a good midwestern American boy. So how come Angela Lansbury is his mother? Now there’s an obvious plains-land, cheeseer brood mare.
In 1962 nobody pretended that a Korean was an American, or a Puerto Rican: so how come these damn English get palmed as Yankees? Chaplin got spit out and spit at.
There: I’m sporting my prejudices, see? Right out front, should be transparent; now I’ve gotta confess my prejudice pro! Harvey responded to some senator’s daughter: and so do the rest of us, certainly I do! Ooo, what a darling crotch, what a fanny, what a face, what legs, so sweet. Leslie Parrish: over fifty year old film stock but her female zone still looks like it would be fragrant. Luscious.

Manchurian Candidate pic expired
She treats Lawrence’s snake bite, papa senator finishes the job.

The guy who carved the “Madonna” for Chartres Cathedral didn’t have a photo of Mary to work with, he didn’t time travel to Nazareth with a sketch pad; no, he used poses from a local whore. We need some sort of a Madonna today? I’m ready to cast any from the current crop of fabulous females. I’m ready to cast Chloë Grace Moretz! or Leslie Parrish! Julia, JLo, or Saorise Ronan! Need a hero? casting Christ? ‘Coop is still OK by me, or Sir Anthony. We know what talent we have, we’ve been bred to like what we have: and every time we discover a new one, or remember an overlooked old one, we may, we should, realize: the universe is open, not closed: we don’t know what we got: or, we know only part of what we got: most we’re ignorant of, blind to. blind too.

Angela note: Jan and I watch all kinds of old, older, and not-quite-so-old movies together. A few months back we tried The Pirates of Penzance: loved Angela Lansbury, loved her. Kevin Klein too, wonderful cast. Still: she ain’t American. She sure was believable as a McCarthy type: in a mostly unbelievable horror plot.
2014 10 04 Angela’s mother-from-hell is given a good line: it turns out that she’s working with the commies, has cooperated in their turning Sonny into an automaton assassin. She herself is using her inept-McCarthy husband as a puppet. She says that after the assassination she will be given

Powers that will make martial law seem like anarchy!

Jan is still north in Nova Scotia, is heading back home in a couple of days. Florida didn’t renew my drivers license, cooperating with NJ in a shakedown neither kleptocracy can acknowledge their guilt in: so I’m watching movies and more movies. Just watching Will Penny. [2015 01 29 note: NJ still hasn’t digested the points I’ve made. Guilt doesn’t matter, violations of law and procedure on the part of the court, the buteaucracy don’t matter … They just accelerate the state crimes to squander money.]

I saw westerns as a kid, far fewer than most kids. My mother threw my father out of his house, my father said OK, and abandoned us. Daddies in the neighborhood took the train to work; my remnant family watched the utilities being turned off. And, by age ten or so I was becoming the young unfashionable intellectual: I didn’t approve of westerns. I thought it was hip to disdain the Duke, and big-shoulders Heston …

So: I recognized Hollywood’s myriad stock cast of cowboys and gimps and beautiful widows and screaming preacher-men … but OD’d on them less than did nearly any other kid, at least any other kid on commuter Long Island. Oh, but now: I’m savoring the cast, the casting. Here’s the situation: “we” the audience are the white men, the cancer issued from evil olde Europe. It’s our holy mission to kill the bison, kill the Cheyenne, fence god’s earth, make it property, private, keep out: except for the owner, his women, and the surfs. Will Penny. Charleton Heston, aging a bit. The object is to fill the vast space of North America up with Asian cattle as fast as possible, pocking the earth with train tracks so the beef can be sold back east: to other white kleptocrats and their serfs.

Notice one thing, here and in all such movies: the cowboys, the male serfs out “west”, are on bivouac: they’re soldiers: do without women and children … for the sake of the owner, maybe they’ll be an owner some day: meantime they’re bachelors: fighting, and rooting, and delivering the beefs. Will Penny opens. We see men: gorgeous men: Charleton Heston, Slim Pickins, Lee Majors … in a minute we’ll see Donald Pleasance, all evil with his Bible and his blue eyes, scripture for land grabbing! … then Bruce Dern … Finally, just before we see Dern, we see a female! driving the buckboard. What’s going on? This group and that group are arguing over a felled elk: fresh meat for the bean can openers. Why don’t they eat the beef? No, the cattle are for selling for shipping, not for eating; not by the likes of these cowboys. These “cows” don’t even give milk. Insane American economics.
I love the joke where the Jew sells a can of sardines to the other Jew for three rubles when sardines ought to cost a copeck. The Jew opens the sardines, gets sick, complains: “But Moishe, those sardines were for selling, not for eating!”

Anyway, if we have to cast a recreation of the stuffing of the west with merchandise totally lacking in nourishment, how could we do better than to cast Heston, and Dern, and then find a pretty woman? Poor BroadShoulders, there he is, the star, the matinee idol, take him to the bank, and he’s surrounded with real actors, great actors: Donald Pleasance, Bruce Dern … How humiliating.

2014 10 05 Think of the popularity of the Duke! Average Americans, mostly “white”, pay to see a guy taller than average, bigger than average, no smarter than average … to identify with! Look at the Chinese, shrimps, rolly-pollies, going gaga for Shaq! and Kobe! and LeBron! Maybe they were right to ID with Mao! the syphlitic sleezeball: just like we elected Nixon! to represent us. Nixon already represented us. Nixon represented us, exactly, even if he never got one vote. Jesus, I love to recall Hitler representing Germany!

These reflections can be ludicrous: think of Christians worshipping a human / divine “Jesus”, a Christ! However our group fictions imagine him, they, the worshippers, weren’t that! We might as well identify with Carnegie, Rockefeller, Trump. Jeez, look at Donald dripping all over these Argentine Miss Universes! And we have no business identifying with the girls either.

These days I’m delirious trying to imagine what all macroinformation somehow incandesces as we look at Jennifer Lawrence! Her boobs are bigger, higher, rounder, her hips are more like a queen wasp, that’s the community pussy there, the pussy for the whole species! an Eve! How interpret her face, her idiolect … Do other people in Kentucky speak “English” that sounds like that? So funny: two days ago I couldn’t stand her, turned it off when she came on; now I can’t tear myself away. I look at Saorise Ronan (in her good roles, her first roles) and instantly think, That girl is a genius! I understand a huge part of her charisma. I look at JL, I don’t get it, I’m not sure what all she’s doing, maybe she isn’t doing anything, maybe it’s something outside her, and outside the director, and outside the script … but it’s there, she focuses the cosmos.

2017 08 18 I’m finally getting to a J Lawrence title, Mockingjay from the Hunger Games franchise, and I’m having a lot of trouble watching it. Right now I’m bailed and I may stay bailed out. I want to use JL as a platform from which to launch comments on another actress we can’t look away from: JL is arresting. she one of the most arresting actresses, but at her best she’s not one hundredth as compelling to look at as Melana Vayntrub!

Re: Mockingjay, the roster displays a number of arresting actors, but here it all backfires. They’re all puke-worthy.

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