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2014 11 11, plucked from Movie Monthly Archive

Watching Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets a lifetime of social-consciousness movies is flooding back at me. I want to mention two others in particular:

Los Olvidados

Los Olvidados
thanx independentcinema

Great, great, great Babel

thanx alienationmentale

And best of all, Ali Zaoua

Ali Zaoua
thanx africafilms

There are others too: representing ghettos around the world: Brazil, India … awards won by several.

Los Olvidados won prizes in 1950, it was more like 1960 before I saw it, before I saw any Bunuel, then I saw a bunch in a row, starting with the Mexico/Commie ones, then I saw the wonderful surreal ones as they came out: Viridiana, etc.

I hail Babel as a great movie. I’m only part way into Ali Zaoua, paused, to genuflect, what a great movie, what fabulous kids’ acting …
Now memories of Pather Panchali are also flooding me, but that kid was with his family. And now I also remember WWII newsreels showing German boys chain smoking cigarettes and poking around the rubble of Dresden.

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