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2014 11 03, plucked from Movie Monthly Archive

Re: The Piano Teacher: Such a well-made film, such a skilled actress, Isabelle Huppert: so horrible, I hate it, makes me cringe: has made me cringe for days now.

The Piano Teacher
thanx wikimedia

First I repeat what I wrote the kids:

paused in The Piano Teacher, Isabelle Huppert

a film about abnormal sexuality that makes me uncomfortable,
unfamiliar? weird indeed.

It was probably around 1960 that I started watching a bunch of Bunuel.
first encounter with shoe fetishism
in high school I’d heard Dizzy asked what his goatee was all about, he
replied It’s a fetish. very funny, I didn’t know what that meant, but
it sounded sophisticated to me.
Then Bunuel’s foot fetish spelled it out a bit: and I don’t know that
I learned a scintilla more from then to now.

apart from that it’s the most intelligent, clear filming of keyboard
playing I’ve ever seen.

Nice to see some Vienna for a change. …

Nathalie wrote back:

I find Isabelle Huppert very good at uncomfortable. Perhaps too good. Her Madame Bovary really annoyed me. But perhaps Mme B was annoying…

and I added:

so ambivalent, I watched a bit more, just awful, cringe making
but it’s skillful
well, evil mixes with everything

I still intend to suffer to the end

There: I’ve reached the end, and want to say to the world:
Life is good, the world can be horrible. Behavior can be horrible, unspeakable, movies can be horrible.
What’s especially awful here is that the piano teacher, Mlle, doesn’t just harm herself by being weird: her perversions are too often criminal trespasses.

She goes to the video porn store. It’s full of men, every (adult) age and descriptions, they stare at this severe looking forty-something year old. She carries her rental into a booth, locks the door, watches a very strange blow job. So what, let’s mind our own business.
She goes to the bathroom, sits on the edge of the tub, holds a mirror between her legs, mutilates herself with a razor, blood dripping into the tub. Ugh. Still, again: who’s being harmed? Well, me, a little bit: the rest of the audience I imagine.
Then: she does to a drive in, walks around among the parked cars, snoops outside a car with fucking going on inside. She hears as we here the female approaching orgasm. Nice, fine, but why isn’t she minding her own business? Well, her business seems to be to leech off other people’s sensations: she squats on the ground, pulls her pussy: she comes just as the woman inside the car comes. Out comes the boy friend, chases her, curses her.
OK, she’s not just a pervert, she’s a sexual predator: has no sex life apart from leeching on others.
She’s training a girl for a duet, voice and piano, the girl is to play the piano part, she’s upset, she’s nervous, she’s vulnerable. Mlle leaves the auditorium! It’s her student giving the recital! She goes to the cloak room, sniffs around among the coats and things, finds a scarf. Ah, she’s gonna yank her pussy on a student’s scarf. OK, that perverted enough. But not, she puts glass wear in the scaft, stomps on it like a Jewish groom. Now she pours the shards into the pocket of an overcoat. The recitalist dons her coat, puts her hands in her pockets: yai! shredded pianist hands! No one can imagine who would have done such a thing. I can’t imagine who would have done such a thing.
But the worst is yet to come. She teases the male student who loves her, he follows her into the ladies, she starts to blow him … But she’s hurting him! I don’t know what she’s doing, but it’s a torment, not an ecstasy. Nevertheless, now he needs to come, she doesn’t let him, she’s bullying him the way her mother bullies her.
Still, the pervertions will mount. Forty-something she still lives with her mother. She sleeps with her mother! side by side. But now after her lover almost rapes her (or, better yet, she was raping him), she all but rapes her mother!

Oh, God: on and on. But now she’s met her match, the boyfriend finally has had enough, gives her what she’s asked for (but says now she doesn’t want) (and gives the mother what she deserves: locks her in the closet while he rapes the spinster perv. Finally, the guy gets to come, but it’s a misery: and our spinster set herself against responding. She may have been a virgin! She’s still a virgin. Just awful

Fortunately our perv finally does the right thing: her concert about to begin, she stabs herself. And walks out. Bleeding down her front. Again.

Huppert is mesmerizing. The movie is incredibly well-made, especially in making visual sense of the piano performances: very rare, to make the making of music look right. I’ve played enough keyboard to be able to recognize some of the chords by hand position, but I bet it would have seemed sensible even to someone who wouldn’t recognize a C chord. So now I’m due to watch a lot more Huppert: but no more Piano Teacher, please.

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