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I just watched Frontline: League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis.

A scientist, a pathologist, Bennett Omalu, is offered the corpse of Mike Webster, famous football center. The body is a mess, the brain shows a previously unidentified disease. Omalu carbons his findings to the NFL. The NFL instantly ignites a witch hunt. The Church came after Galileo with everything it had. Uh oh, you mean brain damage could be medically related to decades of hitting your head against a wall? The NFL “earns” billions weekly: you think they’re gonna play fair? Or do you think they’re gonna budget sabotage: and stonewall?
They decide to squash this scientist, and his science. With a billion a week, and no scruples, they can do it.

Pseudo science will beat science every time.

2015 11 11 Whoo, now Sony has released a movie on the subject, with Will Smith!–nfl.html
It sounds like they half-whitewashed it; but then there’s “half” they didn’t whitewash!

2015 02 03 insert, not happy with this initial-impetuous scribble: In human social epistemology, the institution with the biggest budget can paint smaller institutions and individuals any color that suits. The NFL said, Uh oh, this could cost us
Actually, it could cost us everything. So the NFL marshals its employees for coaches, trainers, anybody with a first aid course on their resume, to gang up on the real scientist trying to help. Any institution will always have access to more employees with two years of medical training than to clinicians with six year of training and ten years experience. The dummies can be marshalled to quick learn some lab double-talk and to plant faults in the troublesome report. When the Church ganged up against Galileo for finding moons circling Jupiter, fact contradicting Church tradition, the Church had access to a whole society full of “astronomers” _ without a telescope — ready and anxious to contradict the one scientist with the telescope. Pseudo science will beat science every time.

Except for one thing. If there really are moons around Jupiter (and around zillions of other planets), then it won’t matter how unanimously parliament, congress, the old guard professors, vote against moons: the moons are still there. If the NFL is consigning veteran players to death, insanity, a tortured middle age, it doesn’t matter how unanimous their denial is.
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As with so many things, if the truth ever came out, we’d be out of business.
God forbid mothers should ever be reluctant to send their sons off to war.
It isn’t just the NFL that has a vital investment in the NFL: though the NFL does monopolize much of the profit.

Some government Yahoos get together and insult the NFL, compare their evasions to Big Tobacco. Wait a minute: isn’t it the USA that gives the NFL a special license to practice slavery? The same US that subsidized tobacco from civil war times? Isn’t it the US that grants the NFL near-fascist monopolies? Isn’t this the same US that funds universities? provided the schools follow party line in which intellectuals to assassinate.

The older I got, the more important my subjects, the less intelligently my universities listened to what I was saying … (Gee, just like the doc with Mike Webster’s brain!) And now they have the gaul to stand before the public and pretend that they’re anything but assassins of intellect, saboteurs of science.

2015 02 02 Jan and I watched the Super Bowl last night. We started off skeptical, hostile: wound up loving it. Great game. And the NFL did seem to be being careful about the guy who got a hit to the head. After they looked him over they put him back in the game (where he made more heroic plays), but they didn’t just tell him to suck it up.

I’m old, more angry than ever, no longer able to keep the fury focused, my great writing is behind me. I wish the world could see without my guidance that institutions that betray their charter don’t deserve any more gravy train. Unfortunately for the biosphere, betraying institutions suck up 100% of the budget. Once there’s big funding, there can be no science. Honesty, humility is a prerequisite.

what I first scribbled
It’s SuperBowl time, the game’s the day after tomorrow: I knew it would be apposite to my interests — kleptocratic society as a dyed-in-the-wool cheat, where institutions swallow their own tail, turn inside out, where “science” is supervised by the bankers; not the bankers supervised by the science …

But of course “science” is a fiction, a flattering fiction, like Christianity, like Santa Claus …

Humans like other primates, other mammals, other vertebrates, engage in rough sports. At the same time we say we’re civilized, we say we’re Christian, we say we’re under laws … pretty funny when we write the laws ourselves, and interpret them ourselves. Sure, the crucifiers of God can be trusted to be truthful about the law.

A viable species would need hearers as well as speakers, readers as well as writers, law-abiders as well as legislators … We don’t qualify.
Frontline did a good job with the history of the concussion theories. But it’s too little too late. Disease is disease. False intelligence will fail.

It has to. It doesn’t matter what we say, what we publish, what we teach.

Remember: the Church threatened Galileo with torture, Galileo relented. Who loses? Well, Galileo, for one, the Church for two. We all do for three.
Remember further: the Church was meantime getting richer by following Galileo’s tide charts: far more accurate than anything previously, thanks to the same telescope that got Galileo into trouble!
Chistiandom sends the little child to school. Study hard, you’ll be rewarded. Unless you discover a planet with moons. Unless you offer an internet that compromises the Fortune 500’s powerbase, as I did, 1970. Unless you discover a previously unmapped brain disease, as Omalu did. God help the scientist who first linked tobacco to cancer.

Meantime, notice: the church isn’t what it says, it never was. Neither is the law, neither is science. The NFL can’t let mothers catch themselves selling their sons down the river. Truth and human society are incompatible, and we aren’t allowed to learn it.

2015 05 28
The NFL proved itself incapable of understanding what science is: so of course it remains in charge of football: like the Catholic Church is the authority on evidence, on reason. Now Tom Brady proves himself incapable of understanding what constitutes cheating or of acknowledging that cheating is wrong. Maybe Brady didn’t deflate the footballs, maybe he didn’t know they were deflated: still, by not understanding the implications of cheating, he should be excused from professional sports: as should be the NFL. His home should be taken away, his children indentured: ditto execs in the NFL.
No, I’m sorry: I said that backwards: Tom Brady should be saluted and acknowledged as standing in line to succeed Roger Goodell.

2015 07 28 Uh oh! Hold everything. Now the NFL says that Brady ordered evidence destroyed: a cell phone with its record of calls and messages. No, no. That’s serious, extremely. It’s a good thing the public has no clue, no more than does the NFL, or its commissioner.
It will be very interesting to monitor what falls from that!
An hour or two later: it’s infuriating: as soon as I think a fact has been established – Tom Brady ordered the mobile phone destroyed, it turns out not to be a fact at all, but a supposition. We shouldn’t listen to anything the NFL or Roger Goodell or Brady or the Times, or Yahoo, says.

2015 09 03 Now Brady is off the hook. Who or what should be on the hook? anything? The NFL itself, obviously. How about spectator sport? sport as entertainment? spectacle as big business? Should Romans really expect fair play from the Coliseum?

Deflategate shows that cheating is OK so long as no one in the hierarchy minds. Concussions too: it’s all OK.

2015 09 03
Grand Slam of golf canceled
The PGA had announced in July that it was pulling the October event from Trump National Los Angeles over the billionaire presidential hopefuls controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.–golf.html
See the relationship? Another sports monopoly throwing its weight around to find itself with shit on its nose.

2015 09 08 It’s just too delicious: more allegations about cheating from the New England Patriots: it’s all Nixon’s Watergate, White House dirty tricks.

You know what I love most about it? We get to think about Gisele Bündchen even more than usual.

Mrs. Tom Brady
thanx USAToday

NFL & Cannabis
2016 06 25 NFL is being appealed to to be fair about scientific studies of cannabis! That’s a hoot. The NFL is and will follow AMA party line. There is no science, can’t be; not when money and courts run things. The NFL doctors are prescribing opioids, players active and retired become addicted. Pot helps, but can’t be noted as helping. It’s like the Temple being fair about God or Jesus: didn’t happen, won’t happen. Not while grandfather values rule.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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