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Today Wikipedia features an article on Female Genital Mutilation. Hooray for them. Send them a dollar (right now, unless you too are on food stamps: in which case, like me, you need the dollar (if you have a dollar) yourself. I am (in general) against mutilation, especially when the mutilation is prescribed by an institution, and all the more against mutilation when it’s practiced on children. And indeed a common mutilation is practiced, by institutions, on infants!

female circumcision
thanx drkevwe

Many an institution prescribes circumcising males: it was done to me as an infant, I was given no say in the matter. Neither have I in my 76 1/2 years since heard a good explanation: that is, a good defense. Today’s article focuses on circumcisions — mutilations — of infant girls. (The graphic shows mutilation of girls at their “coming of age”.) You’d think people might band against evil, but we don’t, or do only occasionally: evils are practiced, commonly by institutions, throughout history, world wide: and were I don’t doubt before there was such a thing as history.

When I was in my twenties, in graduate school, married, Hilary got pregnant, as she very much wanted to do. Our family doctor was her doctor. I too became fond of him, rated him high: for most things: Doctor K. I forget what the K abbraviated: something Jewish, Katz, Kaufman … Dr. K. arranged for Hilary to deliver in Jewish Memorial Hospital. I knew — all my life I’d known — that Jews circumcise boy babies on their eighth day of life, and the practice is all but standard among Christians. OK. Maybe there’s a good reason: but what is the reason? I asked Dr. K. He answered me, “It’s best.”

It’s best.

Huh? What kind of a “reason” is that?

The world is heavier than I can hold up. Thicker than I can penetrate: especially without an income, without a job, a role, stuck in society’s sabotage against the young. School rehearse us in society’s reasons, and they’re typically not reasons at all. They’re repetitions, rehearsals.

Now, for boys the bris cuts off the foreskin. The bris does not cut off the tip of the penis. The head, the glans, is left intact. (A homosexual (famous) explained to me the removing the foreskin desensitizes the penis: so intercourse, activity, is joyful, but a good deal less joyful than if not interfered with. [2015 06 23 I may as well name him, all these decades later: Jose Garcia Villa, poet, poetry professor.]
For girls, part or all of the clit is removed! There goes nearly all of the pleasure of intimacy! Maybe boys are detuned so they won’t be ruled by sex; but girls without a clit are divorced from sex! Divorced: a decade, a decade and a half, before there’s any suitor in sight! For girls sometimes the inner lips are excised! Sometimes all of the lips! Sometimes most of the vulva!!!

Why don’t people burn churches the second time they walk into them? And hospitals? and doctors?

Same reason I receded back into helplessness after querying Dr. K. We’re too young, too weak, too helpless … too blind.

The world is too many for me.
Dickens’ Mr. Bumble

So: bravo Wikipedia.

Burn the church? Mutilation is frequently part of the core of a culture. Proscribe the mutilation you’re executing the culture! That’s OK with me, some cultures warrant murder: would it have been worse to kill the Nazi Party? or 6,000,000 Jews? and another dozen of other millions, other minorities. We should’a cleansed the cleansers.

Wikipedia vs. pk

Except pk has an issue with Wikipedia.

previous draft
Before you see me saying anything about anything, you really should know who I am. (That’s a way to stop the universe in its tracks: decree that before the sun can rise or the solar system turn, someone should understand something: matter couldn’t have formed, let alone societies. Still, here goes:

Wikipedia, like everything on or about the internet — Amazon, eBay — is a plagiarism and false launch of the digital information distribution system I offered in 1970 with my founding of the Free Learning Exchange. FLEX offered cybernetic data basing to the public: not supervised by government, but separate from government: an antidote to government: digial democracy: a social dating service/library: information equality (Coke could have a billboard that blocks out the sun on the highway, but not on FLEX; on FLEX Coke could have the same ad space as any other entity: you, me, Charles Manson. The concept was Ivan Illich’s, published in his book, Deschooling Society, channeled by me, who’d been imagining such things for the several years leading up to 1970. I had a tendency in that direction, social sharing, Illich offered a precise map: the genius of Christianity: God inspired, Christ inspired.

The public responded, a little bit. FLEX offered data bases for learning opportunities. By analogy FLEX offered data bases for any possible sort of record keeping: lists, evaluations … books, records, opinions … Translate: the state takes money out of your pocket and spends it for you (or against you, or despite you …); you yourself, voluntarily, send money to pk, to FLEX, and we’ll build a politically free information system without coercion, in opposition to cooercion.
Ah, but the organizations that run the world, the Fortune500+, don’t want Christian cooperation, they don’t want you to have the same size ad as Coke, or the Pentagon. Just as Time was contemplating helping FLEX broaden its base, Time decided instead to dry us up and press us like a flower in a book. My volunteers dispersed, my wife kidnapped our kid, stopped paying the rent …

more to come
but, in other words, since I was cut off from so much as discussing my internet of 1970, the world, the US, the Petagon, MIT, CERN … have no right whatsoever to have an internet.
Dating services sprang up like mushrooms in FLEX’s wake. Really foolish: FLEX was already a “dating service”! Why prefer the service that gives part of the service rather than the service that gives the whole service. Imagine paying more for a half a dozen eggs than for a dozen eggs! Amazon, eBay … they all plagiarize FLEX. gutenberg.org … I offered that and more in 1970.
Society has no right to an idea after sabotaging the inventor (or any of the early leaders). Kleptocracy forces us into schools where the kleptocracies’ thefts are justified; but will God buy it at Judgment?


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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