Valentine Not Necessary

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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Jan gave me a beauty of a Valentine’s gift the other day: she pointed out a display of Valentine cards she’d arranged in her TV room. Centered among current cards was the Valentine I’d given her five years ago: our first Valentine’s Day together. She said (knowing I’m as flat broke now as I was then), “You’ve already given me a great card, don’t give me another!”

Silly broke me, I took her at her word.
The important thing isn’t the dollar I saved on the card: it’s the risk I avoided of driving to the store, getting stopped, having no license, and getting thrown in jail, perhaps forever.

2016 02 15 Valentine’s Day came and west yesterday. Again Jan told me not to get her another card, she still has the old, favorite on. She said don’t get her anything. She’s had a cold all week, won’t let me near her face, so we’ve both been mostly shut-in: till yesterday.Yesterday she said, she said, “OK, you want to get me something, go to Publix and get me a half pound of sweet ham”. I did. And last night, visiting her again: after the American Legion dance. That dance was jammed with wonderful alternate partners for me, as I reported to her once again sitting on her couch, once again keeping my distance, though holding her hand. And there were the roses, magnificently arranged in her biggest vase.
She said that actually the roses might make her better after all, doing more good than the anti-biotics.
Jan produced a beautiful Valentine’s shopping bag. Red tissue paper wrapped the two gifts inside: though the bag itself was a luxurious present. So: there was 1) her company 2) the fancy shopping bag, saturated with Xs and Os and “Love” and “forever”, and 3) Valentine short bread cookies, and 4)!! a photo of a kneeling nude! Cute girl! I’ve put her on my wall. People won’t believe that Jan gave me such a present.
I only wish she’d believe me that she, at 84, is just as cute as the model in the picture, the nude being not likely to be much more than twenty.
Oh, but then Jan took back the “forever” silkscreened on the shopping bag: “unless I get made at you next week” she qualified.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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