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The Muslims are pissed, and they ain’t the only ones. How come no one crashed a plane into the WTC (or the Empire State, of the Woolworth Building) a lot sooner? I move a coupe of scribbles from my News Monthly scrapbook, and, don’cha know, develop them. First, the plain transplant:

Mocking Muhammad
Some guys shot up some magazine office in Paris. Whatever it was before, the mag is now, 2015 01, actively baiting Islam. Jihad!
I can’t believe how ignorant “rationalists” are, humanists: Thos Jefferson, The French Revolution: they know nothing of history.
Jan and I just watched the TV version of Eliot’s Daniel Deronda, George Eliot is becoming one of my gods, I love it; but: it behaves toward its subject of Jews, Judaism, antiSemitism … as though the reality could be reasoned, discussed, be treated dispassionately. No, no. Satirists think they can taunt Muslims, insult their faith? and get away with it? Totally crazy.
Peace will come not when reason prevails, reason will never prevail. Peace will come when Jihad has killed so many that passions will have plunged below kindling temp.
2015 01 14 Today’s Yahoo article reproduces a sampling of Charlie Hebdo cartoons: Jeez, no wonder the Jahadists attacked! I’m all for the chaos, from which nothing will be learned. Reporters sent to the crucifixion get the story wrong.

Coward Terrorists
Mark Twain commented that he failed to see how the French Reign of Terror was any more terrifying than the preceding reign of French kings. I see all kleptocracies as reigning by terror; but they never call it that: terror is what the opposition serves up.
For 9 11 01 some guys hijacked a plane or two, crashed them into the WTC, the Pentagon. Yes, attempts at terror. I’m against it. It’s not how we should strive to live. It is not Christian, it is not turning the other cheek … But explain to me this: A Bush in a White House called the suicide-murders of the hijackers “cowardly”!
Huh? How? They immolate themselves, sacrifice their lives … we call them cowards?
And now: Obama’s White House characterizes a terrorist attack in Paris as “cowardly”! Huh?
Evil, mabye, Nefarious, dastardly … but how cowardly?

Denmark Today
OK, now there are other shootings, yesterday one in Copenhgagen. It’s heady to visit Yahoo several times a day and see the deliberate, controlled shrinking of our world as supervised by our owners, the 500Fortune media.

Here’s one thought:
We live in the universe; but all we know is what we develop out of what we’re fed, as children, by school, church, by experience and our own processing … We’re told about “gravity”: but it’s our bumping our nose off the sidewalk that’s what makes us try not to fall again. I’ve spent my life fighting for “freedom”: but would I ever have invented the concept on my own had it not been part of somebody else’s propaganda?
OK: skip: figure the from here to there on your own. We’re told by priests that God told us not to kill. Do we therefore believe that it’s safe to insult Islam, that no Muslim can kill us?
Do we look for a lightning bolt the second we go 26 mph in a 25 mph zone?

Copenhagan was having a freedom of speech festival, some pissed Muslims came and shot it up. Some French wiseacres had been publishing insulting cartoons, they got shot up. … The US had been bombing, assassinating, mining all over hell and gone … That’s our license, isn’t it? Doesn’t God loving us, and forgiving us, doesn’t god swallowing our claims of atonement, prove that

We can do whatever we want?

And get away with it?!

I scribble this after just glancing at some headlines: I haven’t made any journalist’s study of details; I rely on 76 years of cosmic scale study. Never mind details, see the picture.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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