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Shortly after establishing me as the line dance teacher, Ann asked me to be a member of the Board of Directors. Of course I agreed: as I agreed to do any and everything Ann asked me to do: set the hall up on Tuesdays, shop for equipment … Board experiences are a separate story.

Ann, Magnet for Slaves

Ann asked me to help with the line dancing. Glad to. Then she asked me to teach it. Ditto. Then she asked this and that and the other additional service. I did. Gladly. Everyone loves Ann, women too. You can’t help but do what she wants. Next thing I know I’m being phoned past midnight to pick her up at the ER and drive her home. There was no end to it. But, before I got swept up in servitude without limit I already knew that that was the Senior Dance / Ann pattern.

My friend Connie had been an Ann slave under my nose. Finally, from doing some, to doing more, to 24/7 enslavement, Connie rebelled and wouldn’t volunteer anything. Connie still attended, paid her $5, danced, had lunch, socialized, but she wouldn’t help set up the talbes, set the tables … any longer. Then I learned that half the widows I dance with had also done the same. Oh, and they’d all been rewarded by becoming members of the Board. There were hardly any Senior Dance attendees who hadn’t been on the Board. “Been there, done that”, quipped one gorgeous old gal.

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