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pk/Senior Dance, Quick

/ Neighbors / Highlands Dancing / Schiz Center I started attending Senior Dance in 2008. I wanted to steep myself in dancing after a fifty-five year layoff for this hailed “best dancer”. Ann asked me to assist with the line … Continue reading

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“Senior Dance” History

/ Neighbors / Highlands Dancing / Schiz Center I report only that part of Senior Dance history which I know: prior to and including 2008-2010. When I started going the dance / luncheons were on Wednesdays, 10 to 3:30 or … Continue reading

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Dance Dangers

/ HierCon / Neighbors / caveats imported from my 2goodfeet blog Here are some dance floor dangers, dance hazards: Some of the singers come down from their stage, carrying the mic, and sing among the dancers. Fine: so long as … Continue reading

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Castro’s Cuba

/ College Stories / I entered Columbia in September 1956, Columbia College class of 1960. We had bull sessions in the dorm, classes in Hamilton Hall, physics in Pupin Hall, chemistry in Havermeyer. Freshman week there were beer parties in … Continue reading

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Institutions’ Members

Institutions promise one thing but deliver something else. Institutions taylor themselves to the suggestibility of the public: if the church says it’s in touch with God, why then it must be in touch with God, must it not? God must … Continue reading

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Jihad Chicken

/ Social Order / DoubleDare Chicken The Muslims are pissed, and they ain’t the only ones. How come no one crashed a plane into the WTC (or the Empire State, of the Woolworth Building) a lot sooner? I move a … Continue reading

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Valentine Not Necessary

/ Chat / Seasonal / Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Jan gave me a beauty of a Valentine’s gift the other day: she pointed out a display of Valentine cards she’d arranged in her TV room. Centered among current cards was … Continue reading

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Mona Eddy

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / Mona Lisa Jam, Mona Lisa Eddy In the early 1960s Leonardo’s painting, the Mona Lisa, went on loan to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Hilary and I went to see it. So … Continue reading

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Cashing Cancer Chips

/ Survival / Addiction / My neighbor just walked by, cigarette hanging from her face. My neighbor on the other side was never without a cigarette hanging from her face. East and west, I’m sandwiched among nicotine fiends. But my … Continue reading

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Yay, Wikipedia

/ Media / Today Wikipedia features an article on Female Genital Mutilation. Hooray for them. Send them a dollar (right now, unless you too are on food stamps: in which case, like me, you need the dollar (if you have … Continue reading

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