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Meta Original

/ Reality / Which came first: your intention? or God’s intention for your intention? We don’t know enough about the cosmos to know. But still: try to imagine. try thinking it out. Adam might see trouble when he sees the … Continue reading

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Atheist Supervision

/ Religion / Kleptocracy necessitates atheism. Kleptocracy invented God to give itself authority: authority in the sky, ultimate authority, untrumpable. But then kleptocracy itself must be exempt from accountancy: therefore: the kleptocracy itself must not believe in its God or … Continue reading

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Second Delay

/ Media / Incumbent Kleptocrats thanx imdb Everyone knows that lawmakers impose a time gap of several seconds between data and information: data being the signal, information here being orthodox interpretation. ’15 03 24 Not at all the information I … Continue reading

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Victorian Forever

/ Social Order / Property / … Social Survival / I’ve been commenting on Henry James’ What Maisie Knew over the past couple of weeks. Now my reading of the novel is complete I’ve got to say something not about … Continue reading

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Kite Fight

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Stories / by Age / Networking / Yesterday I began watching The Kite Runner. It’s been on my queue for years. Jan read the novel and saw the movie. Now … Continue reading

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Metabolizing Nukes

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Personal / Writing / Satire / To date, 2015 03 12, I’d sampled only a couple of my ironic letters to Nixon’s White House: today I add one I hadn’t … Continue reading

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Hindu Feminism

Tradition vs Change: The World Before Her Scrapbook What a nifty film, I love it: A girl, “Prachi”, says she ought to be able to do what she wants. She’s agitating to “free” Hindu women. No! says Prachi’s father: a … Continue reading

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Macabre Religions

/ Social Epistemology / Cosmology / Once upon a time we were all religious: we were all trained from our first breath to the religion of our tribe (our family, etc. then our nation …) I went to a famous … Continue reading

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Sebring Unity

/ Social Order / HierCon (Non-convivial Hierarchy Stories) / Church / Unity Church Scrapbook 2015 03 10 This post talks about Unitarian Pastor Andy Conyer. It’s in a section that illustrates inadequacies of actual pastors in actual churches: it’s a … Continue reading

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Klep Resignation

/ Kleptocracy / Nixon brings Dean onto his White House team. Dean, Steen, what’s the difference? all those Nazis look alike. Presidential Assistant Bean. His job is to keep the sand blowing into the eyes of the public. In his … Continue reading

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