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Nixon brings Dean onto his White House team. Dean, Steen, what’s the difference? all those Nazis look alike. Presidential Assistant Bean. His job is to keep the sand blowing into the eyes of the public. In his spare time he can send White House memos to federally sponsored universities, that’s all the universities there are in the US, proposing that the chief requirement for tenure become the alacrity with which tainted intellectuals leap to their feet at any mention of the flag. You get the idea: it’s always the same.

Now what if Presidential Assistant Haldeen has personal beliefs that interferre with some of his duties? What if say Erlichpeen has a conviction shared with the elders of his congregation that Santa’s elves shouldn’t feed Rudolph until another hundred gooks have been napalmed? What if Daniel Elsberg’s psychiatrist posted a note prescribing chimney’s to be saturated with agent orange? What can Deen, Schmene, Seen do? Why the honorable thing to do of course is to resign!

Resigned to Kleptocracy

I resigned the first day of Nixon’s administration. How come it didn’t make the papers? They still hadn’t reported my resignations under Johnson or Kennedy! or Eisenhower!

As we go, test the statistical history of this stratagem: make a graph of how many cardinals resigned from the RC Church when they were told to wash Monica Lewinsky’s blue shirt after each dozen uses?

Something occurred to me this morning: how come it’s always the Secretary Krean, or Ambassador Jean that’s expected to resign? How come it’s nearly never Nixon himself? or Johnson? Never Nero. Or Tiberius.

I like the interpretation of the caesars that says that emperor after emperor, Nero and Caligula, for example, did try to resign. Claudius hid behind the curtains. Ah, but the army found him, dragged him out, crowned him no matter how he struggled.

Always remember: it’s Boss Tweed (and his Dean) who counts the votes.
As Boss Tweed instructs in Gangs of New York, Keep counting.

Gangs of New York
thanx imdb

Count until you get the answer you want.
And kleptocracies have an infinite number of fully fungible bureaucrats who can resign and resign without impoverishing the remaining balance.

Think there was only one Nixon? One Reagan? The Bushes just keep a’comin’.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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