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Incumbent Kleptocrats

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Everyone knows that lawmakers impose a time gap of several seconds between data and information: data being the signal, information here being orthodox interpretation.

’15 03 24 Not at all the information I write about at Information, Macroinformation.

The “agreement” forced down our gullets channels the idea that we’re protecting the innocent — children — in case somebody says something vulgar f— (or, fascists forfend, c—). But the real reason is to make sure that Macbeth’s fingerprints aren’t found on any recent corpse’s throat. The government’s illegitimacy must be protected, no matter the cost (the more so as costs are routinely on the people: the government pays only rarely).

Real Reasons vs Pseudo Reasons

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Innocent Children

I’ve said again and again, watch out for people curtailing liberties in the name of protecting the innocence of children. Do we forbid traffic because a toddler might appear in the street? No: we keep children out of the street! Don’t want your kid in porn: keep him off the internet.
(Never forget, lynch mobs used to march their children before them so when their victim screamed, “Get the hell out of my yard”, they had reason to lynch him: he cursed before the children!)

Time Gap Scrapbook

The famous seven-second-delay is a political buffer, giving censorship a head start. But there are natural delays too:

People used to think that the universe was instantaneous: what you see is how things are, “now”. Then light was discovered to have a velocity, a finite velocity: the star you’re looking at, now, may have blown up … a million years ago. My girl friend, sitting with me, flank to flank, touching thighs, hips, shoulders, my hand on her knee, whispers at my ear: she spoke a fraction of a second ago: I hear her, another fraction of a second ago: and by the time my mind processes what she says, another fraction of a second has passed. Even the lightning bolt that shivers the tree fifty feet in front of you is in your past, not your present: your present is, like so much else, an illusion.

Saturday Censorship Live
2015 12 02 I just learned something I’m glad to know: it was the unpredictability of Richard Prior’s live comedy that drove NBC to invent the seven second delay! for Saturday Night Live. They knew they couldn’t control him, but also knew they had to have him, had to let him do his thing, he was the best: one of the best ever.

I further have to celebrate Prior as an icon: as recognizable in silhouette as Chaplin: instant communication.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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