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Kleptocracy necessitates atheism. Kleptocracy invented God to give itself authority: authority in the sky, ultimate authority, untrumpable. But then kleptocracy itself must be exempt from accountancy: therefore: the kleptocracy itself must not believe in its God or in his authority.

Kleptocracy says that God is the highest: but that’s not what they mean: they mean that they are the highest: no judgment above their judgment: their criminal judgment.

Yesterday’s start:
Emperor Constantine made Christianity compulsory. If you’re coerced to “believe” something, there’s no telling what you actually believe: what you might believe if you were free.

thanx luc

George Bernard Shaw’s Androcles and the Lion has a Caesar order his Praetorian Guard to become Christian the second he hears that Christians aren’t afraid to die:

Christians aren’t afraid to die,
Caesar wants brave troops,
Therefore: the troops must be ordered to become Christian.

Now they’ll die like soldier ants: obeying.

That’s like ordering bankrupts to trust the bank (like when FDR ordered the banks to close, to not pay out any drafts …

Several years ago I contemplated dancing at the Elks Club. The membership application asked if the signer believed in God!
Whoops, are we still under Constantine? Yes, I guess so.

I declined to fill in the app. I declined to answer the question.
How can these morons ask me if I believe in God?
Am I not a messenger of God? Did I not try to convey Ivan Illich’s Christian anarchist internet to the public in 1970?
Wasn’t my Christian internet inspired by God? by Christ?

Does one ask the Western Union guy if he believes in Western Union? No. He works for Western Union: obviously he believes in Western Union: or, it doesn’t matter if he believes in Western Union: he works for Western Union.
If I’ve had all my money in the Highlands Independent Bank since 1990, isn’t that a hint that I believe in the Highlands Independent Bank?
Nonsense: Belief is irrelevant.

I’m writing this fast, posting it immediately: I’ll research, and edit, expand later, over time. First get the general ideas, ignore typos, forgive less than sublime diction.

I was just reading up on other examples of compulsory “belief”: apropos of Salem witch trials. (I’ll re-research, and share.) Colonial America was full of populations, local groups, who acted on the belief that morality and orthodoxy went hand in hand: you want a moral society? demand conventional belief. Demand it, enforce it, punish deviance.

Trouble is, where you have coercion you can’t have sincerity.

A pope can burn and torture anyone who doesn’t reflect some prescribed pattern, but the opinion of the person afraid of being burned can’t be trusted.
You need to find someone who wants to be burned, who demands it: someone like me!

There: I say something, something good, then I say something else. Good. I find a pic, I’m ready to post, immediately a second drafts weaves its way in … and I don’t even realize that I’ve only sketched my foundation, not yet précised my point.

That point is: we think we live in a world where believers-in-God are identifiable; not so. I can prove — I can at least argue — that all those priests, all those rabbis, shamans … are atheists. No representative of anything legitimate would compel belief.


St. Paul. Father of Protestant Christianity. Rhetoric. Gibberish to confuse anyone. St Paul saw — correctly — that reason is overrated: St Paul’s faith poisoned reason for ever.

faith, hope, charity
Faith, Hope, Charity
thanx jonathanlinton

Any literate person who studies the Bible sees that the book they hold is published by humans. Humans make mistakes. Humans also cheat. Tribe-members cheat without even knowing they’re cheating.
Bibles are published by humans.
Still, there’s a chance that what the humans publish is inspired by God.
I still insist that nearly everything I write, and I write constantly, have been since 1948, or, I’ve been writing since 1948, writing constantly since 1982, is inspired by God (of course it’s a different God than the one conventional Bible-writers and -readers write about). I don’t say it’s dictated by, I say it’s inspired by.
Those who say their Bible is dictated are stupid or lying or both: stupid and lying.
But they run the society, run the schools, own the publishing systems.
They’re in hell, we’re all in hell, they run everything from hell.
(Of course, me, I’m in ecstasy wherever I am.)

Do those who put me in jail while saying that God will judge all, really believe that God will judge them? do they believe that God will be right?
No. Since they don’t believe in truth, can’t tell the difference between intelligent honesty (Galileo, Newton, Darwin) and Big Brother propaganda, they can’t believe that they’ll be judged, rightly. They’re atheists.

I had a neighbor who while she was dying of lung cancer continued to be mad at the doctors who told her that her agony was related to her lifetime of smoking. Did she understand that her dying was a fact? did she imagine that the truth of her dying was independent of her trust in her cigarettes?
The Mistry of Lies publishes the lies, enforces belief in the lies; but does the Ministry itself believe the lies?
Is there any reason to believe the Pope believes that the Church can guarantee salvation while publishing lies? while torturing messengers from God.
Do Bible publishers really believe that the day will never arrive when God says

This is what I wrote!
This is what I dictated!
This is what inspired!

In contrast,
This is what you published!
This is what you assigned, compelled consumption of!

Will the churches, the temples, the napalm droppers, the crucifiers, still be able to tout their forgeries after God has shown us his manuscript?
Shouldn’t the fake stocks lose value after exposure?

Not while the liars remain in charge.
Not while God merely offers life, doesn’t insist on it, lets us commit murder and suicide:
For profit.

I say this and that. I say it again and again.
At Judgment, am I going to run judgment?
Certainly not, I want to disappear into the audience.
I just want truth to prevail.
Truth as corresponding with experience, with fact.
Not propaganda.

Gee, today is the anniversary of Thomas Cranmer’s martyrdom! Have you read Cranmer? Do you realize that a good part of what Engish speakers think of as biblical sonority is Cranmer? not the “Bible”? (Cranmer authored the Book of Common Prayer: how many Anglicans can tell the difference between Cranmer’s authorship and the collective style from King James translation scholars? The latter were much influenced by the diction, the cadences of the former.)

Hypocritical Churches, Hypocritical Institutions

It ain’t just theology in which our institutions are hypocritical: do we really believe our politics either? We want God’s judgment where God agrees with us, not when he might have his own opinion. We want free speech where the speech agrees with our cosmology; not when it doesn’t. We want democracy when it helps us get our way, not when it threatens our rule.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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