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Macabre Religions

/ Social Epistemology / Cosmology / Once upon a time we were all religious: we were all trained from our first breath to the religion of our tribe (our family, etc. then our nation …) I went to a famous … Continue reading

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Sebring Unity

/ Social Order / HierCon (Non-convivial Hierarchy Stories) / Church / Unity Church Scrapbook 2015 03 10 This post talks about Unitarian Pastor Andy Conyer. It’s in a section that illustrates inadequacies of actual pastors in actual churches: it’s a … Continue reading

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Klep Resignation

/ Kleptocracy / Nixon brings Dean onto his White House team. Dean, Steen, what’s the difference? all those Nazis look alike. Presidential Assistant Bean. His job is to keep the sand blowing into the eyes of the public. In his … Continue reading

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/ Social Order / Authority / The subject of censorship has been written about at K. since the 1990s, pricipally in relation to DeSchooling and my founding of FLEX (1970). Censorship Censorship Gourmet No Censorship Censorship Today Billious Liberty Maybe … Continue reading

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YMCA Line Dance

/ HierCon (Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories) / Neighbors / The senior dance in 2008 invited me to assist the line dance teacher, the line dance teacher freaked. I had no idea I’d been drafted into a civil war. I was … Continue reading

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Tabloids in the Sky with Lucy

/ Media / The first time I saw a TV was in the 1940s, 1948 maybe. The father of a kid up the street was an engineer developing TV for some familiar company: RCA maybe. (No, he didn’t work at … Continue reading

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