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Thumb Ball, Knuckle Duster

Stories / By Age / Kid / Two, linked: Thumb Ball I became a good athlete when I took up skiing, devoted myself to it, would start doing squat jumps in September, strengthen my legs by December. I can remember … Continue reading

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Worm Car

Stories / By Age / Kid / I’ve told how Rudy was my best male friend, my best friend period, my only friend: in a neighborhood of me and a bunch of girls (my age slot, that is, my immediate … Continue reading

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Commerce Scrapbook

/ Civilization / Commerce / Harry’s Cost in Marx 2015 04 05 Surf online you’ll see Harry’s ad: “Should an 8 pack of blades really cost $32?” Who is that addressed to? Who’zit supposed to appeal to? I’m not employed … Continue reading

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Lake Placid Singles

/ HierCon (Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories) / Neighbors / A couple of years ago Susie of the Lake Placid Dance Club asked me to teach a Greek line dance at the Feb 8 dance. The music was Never on Sunday. … Continue reading

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FLEX in Hell’s Kitchen

/ DeCentral / DeGate / DeSchool / FLEX Experience I share an email I just sent to bk: … I remind you: I ran FLEX from 39 Claremont in 1970, Etta in Geneva from 305 RSD once we moved there … Continue reading

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TED Talks, to pk

/ Favorites / Science / I became addicted to the TED Talks series of TV pontifications only last week. For that time I’ve watched at least a couple a day, starting with the Animal Voices series, exceptionally impressed by Laurel … Continue reading

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April Fool

/ Chat / Seasonal / Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote Chaucer I phoned Jan to tell her that Carole, my other best dance partner, would be with us at the dance tonight. She said, No, she had a … Continue reading

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