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A couple of years ago Susie of the Lake Placid Dance Club asked me to teach a Greek line dance at the Feb 8 dance. The music was Never on Sunday. The line dance was on video at UTube.
I agreed: despite not knowing the dance.
Susie also emailed me some steps.

It was late January, I had a week and a day to learn the dance. That ought to be OK, normally I can learn a dance, especially a line dance / folk dance, in a minute or two.
That weekend, first of February, a woman at a different dance told me she’d seen Susie’s ad in the paper advertising me as the teacher. Good, Susie was promoting it.

Things got very complicated, but Feb 8 was coming fast. The dance was proving a little tricky to learn. Susie had emailed me steps. But those steps weren’t the steps in the YTube video!
Anyway: the lesson was advertised for 5 PM. I was on time, but nervous: I was satisfied that I knew the dance well enough to “teach” it, but only by the skin of my teeth. I felt like an actor given the role of Hamlet but only on condition that he learn the part overnight, earn the part with the first performance.
I entered, burning with focus: don’t talk to me: I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time: I’m in my little world here, very shaky, don’t break my bubble.
And DeeDee came up to me. She was going to help me teach the dance. But she was ging to teach me a different version of it: here, very simple …
I said, Go away, Don’t talk to me, I’m focused on what I’ve rehearsed.

Then Susie came over. Suzie wanted to teach me a still different version of the dance. …

Wait a minute: more than one thing is very wrong here.
And already I haven’t told the story quite right:
Susie apparently had asked DeeDee to teach the dance before she’d asked me. Fine.
But DeeDee had refused: she didn’t know the dance. She’d said No. I didn’t know the dance either; but I’d said Yes. Now, get out of my way, where are my students?

I never saw any students: only DeeDee — and Susie, each trying to teach me a different version of the Never on Sunday dance! Their steps didn’t match the video at UTube. Their steps didn’t match the steps emailed the week before. …
I’m a teacher. I’m a tortured teacher. I’ll undergo new torture in order to teach, but then at least let me teach! Where are the student?
The weekend before a woman had told me she’d seen the lesson advertised in the paper, she was looking forward to attending, to learned from me. I didn’t see that woman, I didn’t see any woman: only Susie: and DeeDee.

Later on DeeDee said I’d been nasty to her: that’s possible: but don’t asked the waiter carrying dinner for six for a light while he’s balancing the trays. Don’t talk to the understudy as he mounts the stage to do a part he hasn’t had rehearsal time for. And don’t make casual conversation with Jesus as he’s carrying the cross. …

What a mess. I’ve already written too many drafts of this, going back two years.

From 2015 perspective:
Susie should have made it clear who the teacher was. If DeeDee said no and I said yes, then I was the teacher. DeeDee had no business appointing herself as my assistant: not right at class time.
Where was the class? If no one had shown up, shouldn’t Susie have cancelled the class, telling me first?
Understand further: my teaching has long been sabotaged: a week was plenty of time for my enemies to sabotage Susie’s class. Should I have warned Susie? My enemies will do to you and your plans what they did to the YMCA and the Y‘s plans? Barbara Hester’s network for poison was probably vaster than Susie and the newspaper’s promotions.

Does Jesus owe the Temple a warning before he visits for Passover? (In Christian theology, Christian theology is itself the warning. No additional warning should be needed. Should the US have to tell Afghanistan about the American land mines salted all over Cambodia before Afghanistan allows the US to salt American land mines all over Afghanistan?
No, no. Adam and Eve are already the warning.)

February 2014 I already promised to post here emails on the subject: particularly those to and from DeeDee.
Susie doesn’t seem to understand that deals she makes should be consistent: if you hire Paul, then you din’t also hire DeeDee: if DeeDee declined then DeeDee can’t reappoint herself … or, if she can, Paul should be warned.

To me both woman amply showed that they are incapable of understanding the most basic basics of fairplay. Emailing with them is a waste of time, they can’t read.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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