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Harry’s Cost in Marx
2015 04 05 Surf online you’ll see Harry’s ad: “Should an 8 pack of blades really cost $32?”
Who is that addressed to? Who’zit supposed to appeal to? I’m not employed in anything resembling manufacture with steel or extruded plastics. I neither retail nor wholesale nor manufacture nor distributeshaving equipment: how should I know about setting the retail prices for Harry’s razors? let alone the wholesale price? Do you?
Who is so stupid, so ignorant as to think that anything manufactured “should” have any particular price? Marx? Marxists? No, no: I know: government people! bureaucrats!

In my business I quickly learned how to calculate the minimum price something I manufactured must be: it allowed for manufacture, for distribution, for wholesaling, for retailing: all those prices had to be pre-calcuated. If it cost me $1 to make, in my particular business then the retail had to be set at at least $8. I look at the thing, whatever it is: could I sell this for $8?
That automatically also means, can I wholesale it for $4? and can I bulk market it for $2? Will I sell enough of them to cover my nut?
If I sell them all, I’m rich as Croesus. If I sell half, and actually get paid, I’m doing OK. If I sell many fewer than half I’m belly up.

If I can, and I do sell some, then I’m in business. If not, I’m bankrupt.
So: if you don’t trust that you can sell it for $8 / $4 / $2, stay away.
Understand the obvious: Sell them in bulk, get paid, you double your money! Sell some retail … you don’t need my advice.

But the modern world isn’t anything like all that. And zillions of traditional thefts are taken for granted: the US doesn’t pay rent to Sutter, doesn’t pay royalties on cybernetic data bases to me, doesn’t pay the Africans for their uprooted populations, their enslavement, their environmental catastrophes … Cocoa costs so much from a conquered people; cocoa costs an entirely different range of prices where all parts in the process have to be covered, paid for, not just raped and stolen.
In Marxism, the state steals the factory from the bourgeois: the state sets the price, the state fucks up the manufacturing. The state corrupts the distribution process. And before the state can go belly up the state just covers its loses by more taxes.
I don’t know, Harry’s: how much should your blades cost? Whatever you can get away with is the time honored answer.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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