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Swivel Switch

Swivel-Switch Conjoined with Legal Protest I posted scribble on the latter 2015 06 22: the former got scribble this 2015 05 24. Happy Memorial Day. I develop them here. Time will tell how much they remain joined. I leave them … Continue reading

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Mutilation, Display

/ Culture / The Bible reports King David castrating Philistine soldiers and displaying the trophies in a heap: thousands of severed genitals. The Bible had already reported God as a circumcision fetishist. At least the Jews aren’t the Muslims, with … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Scrapbook

Chat / Favorites / My immunity to the appeal of motorcycles dwindled in the mid-1960s. I was driving Hilary’s VW bug in Central Park, great curves, especially in the park’s north east. A guy, a black guy, way-laying his little … Continue reading

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Neo-Real Commie L’Avventura

/ Movies / Jan and I watched Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Avventura last night. L’Avventura has been one of the most important movies to me since the dawn of my adulthood. I want to discuss, comment on, the movie and my relation … Continue reading

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Movie Scrapbook

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Personal / Chat / Favorites / Art / Movies / I scribble a great deal about movies, I’ve been scribbling on line since the mid-1990s. I move stuff into a … Continue reading

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Movie Notes

/ Movies / I’ve been writing online about movies since 1995, dozens and dozens of posts, maybe hundreds. Before got censored by the fed I could update in a variety of ways, domain publishing is very powerful, but now … Continue reading

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Reading, Current

/ Reading Notes / Scrapbook: to be absorbed by the Reading Notes menus, Reading Notes perhaps to be absorbed by /Teaching / Scholarship / Literature / Grant Morrison Supergods blazed behind the starched-shirt front of hierarchical conformity. slowly transformed into … Continue reading

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Info Min

/ Information / These days a commercial “home page” like Yahoo features a cartoon face. It’s cleverly drawn, the ambiguities balance tantalizingly: is the face human or alien? Is the skull’s shoreline bestial? Moronic? is it child-friendly, does it belong … Continue reading

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Fact Flush

/ Culture / The other day I told a story, a favorite since college, in which Balzac stepped onto the Champs-Élysées, saw the just erected Eiffel Tower, turned and fled! The context of the story of my current watching of … Continue reading

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Found Cheating

Stories / Personal / Teaching Years / Re: Sports figures found guilty of cheating When I attended Columbia the school made national news when the dean suspended basketball star Chet Forte when his grades slipped. Forte was the national … Continue reading

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