NJ/FL Paula 2015 05 05

Paula, Highlands MVD
540 S Commerce Av
Sebring FL 33870-3867
2015 06 05 (-14)
Dear Paula.
I spoke to you on the phone last September. FL was declining to renew my FL drivers license. There were seeming issues with NJ dating from 1985 that had come up on the National Data Base. I told you that NJ’s information was false; you said I’d have to deal with NJ.
I now have an additional cabinet full of correspondence with Trenton, all to no avail. NJ’s information was false to begin with, they won’t correct it, haven’t seemed to hear the points at issue, like an insane machine they just keep repeating the same falsehoods, issuing the same bills, only the total goes up, the fines inflate hugely.
I give up. I renewed the insurance on my car. In an emergency I will drive: and we’ll have to take the consequences. If you stop me, and jail me, understand: you’ll have to pay for my keep for the rest of my life. If every extortion could backfire so there would be no extortion. I have no way to pay these fines. My SSI and food stamps don’t cover these fictitious fines, but they shouldn’t have to. Sebring and Tallahassee should see that NJ has got hold of one of its own: and Tallahassee should help me tell NJ to just let go. Tallahassee, if not NJ, should just admit that I’m a good driver, and welcome me back to the road.
Invite me to your office. I’ll bring a box of copies of my correspondence with NJ dating from 2015 09 and earlier. There should be a limit to how much a state can torture a citizen.
Yours truly,

Paula: ccs: re: NJ DL#k5863 61900 09384, FL K532-015-38-321-0
Thus endeth today’s draft. If I still approve it in a couple of days, copies will be mailed to Trenton, to Tallahassee, and to the governors’ mansions of each state: always reserving the right to send additional copies to the NYT, to the White House … to the Vatican, to this and that evangelist … God already has all copies, and all originals.

2015 05 28 Hooray! a response! Today I received a letter from Paula, giving the name and phone number of her Director, Laketra. I got an appointment to see Katra 2015 05 29. Wish me luck. Maybe finally FL will unhook itself from NJ’s bumper car.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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