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The Bible reports King David castrating Philistine soldiers and displaying the trophies in a heap: thousands of severed genitals. The Bible had already reported God as a circumcision fetishist. At least the Jews aren’t the Muslims, with their female circumcision horrors.

Search, pKnatz blog: I’ve written lots about circumcision. Some things I’ve already broached

See Mutilations

and Mutilation Martyr Mother: news item[expired]

I reemphasize here.

First, I distinguish between a mutilation and a display of the mutilation. A murder is bad; a staged murder is quantumly worse. (And distinguish staging from exposing: The Nazis hid their Holocaust: the allied soldiers found the death camps, ripped them open, displayed what they found before the world. The genocides hid their murders; journalists (and enemy propagandists) exposed it.)
(Don’t imagine that because something is exposed that now therefore everything is exposed!) (Aquinas, God … could be right on point A but wrong on points B, C, D …)

My Mutilations piece objects to the movie Buffalo Gals showing Crazy Horse’s Lakota taking scalps from downed “whites” without also showing General Custer’s Yahoos severing the genitals of Lakota females: cut off the nether lips, and wear them as a hat! (While they’re still alive? Sure. Why not?) (You won’t read about that behavior in too many American histories, but you can read liberally about it in Was’i Chu.)

Now: here’s what I wanna know: and I want it from God, or fossilized in a star; not dithered in the NYT:
(First, concede that this is ancient behavior: King David wasn’t the first or only war criminal, Hitler’s Nazis weren’t the last.)
We have evidence, just mentioned, that US soldiers, practiced and displayed genital mutilations on the battlefield: fine, that was in the 1860s thru 1876: ie. past. (I didn’t do it. I wasn’t there.) (There, color me innocent.) (Don’t let God throw us in hell: tell him we’re innocent.)

OK. How many US soldiers have practiced (and displayed) genital mutilation, on or off the battlefield, since the genocides of the plains? (I bet Conrad’s Mr. Kurtz wore a couple of sets of balls.)

Any information? (Don’t look in the NYT, dig for fossils on Aldeberan.)

How many universities have such evidence and conceal it? Does the NYT have basements full of information which it conceals?

I tell you what: obviously this isn’t a matter that human societies can be trusted on. And there’s plenty of reason to be skeptical of God or the Bible’s testimony. What we need is to pray to the Truth.

Dear Truth:
If we’ve been less than honest, less than good, smite us! Bury us. Let loose the brimstone.
Ungrip our fingers from the balls of the earth.
Cut off our vulva. Sew us up.
Take paradise, and parch it.

I Want It from God
You know, if there is no God, some things might still be provable: imagine Judgment comes: no God! but there is, right there in heaven, for all to see, an Answer Sheet: answers to physics, a map of fractals, and the originals for uncorrupt gospels: what Jesus actually said what Lincoln actually said!)


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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