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Legal Protest

I posted scribble on the latter 2015 06 22: the former got scribble this 2015 05 24. Happy Memorial Day. I develop them here. Time will tell how much they remain joined. I leave them in their nascent Monthly post till I’m satisfied I’m doing a half-way comprehensible job, then I’ll delete the first drafts, letting them face the world here.

Gotta force a quick word on an important concept: swivel-switch. Everyone not a 100% fool knows that the magician entertains us by his dexterity (and dishonesty) in switching loaded dice for real dice, trick decks of cards for real decks of cards …

thanx kidzone

The crook does the same thing. Watch out, cause so does the rabbi, so does the senator, so does the professor. We start with one ethical standard, then switch to another. Start with one definition, then switch, without warning, to another.

Relevant is the following, scribbled yesterday: Legal Protest: The government bends over backwards to pretend to rationality, then gullet-slits its critics in the dark: if the media know what’s good for them, no one will notice: not out loud.

The particular swivel-switch I found myself waking-dreaming about this morning is cosmo-theo-logical. First let me try to establish a three-tiered vocabulary:


Members of the Pagan1 cosmology believe that if you pray to the god, you’ll benefit. Further, if you sacrifice to the god, you’ll benefit.
Members of the Jew2 cosmology believe the same thing except that the god must be the right god and the sacrifice must be the right legal form: be ritually correct.
(That is: Never mind the god; the priests must be satisfied.)
Note further before I proceed, believers are so certain of the basic tenet that that faith is almost bankable currency.

But things go totally bonkers if you take another step to Christ3. In Christ3 the authorities are false. Taxes paid to Rome do not get you what you want. Everything is backwards: the god isn’t the god, the messenger isn’t the messenger, the immortality isn’t immortal …

One thing is guaranteed: if a true messenger in Christ3 speaks, she’ll be arrested (just like Jesus), and she’ll be tried (just like Jesus), and, (just like Jesus) the authority will swivel-switch Jew2 logic for Christ3 logic and further will swivel-switch all Jew2 logic into Pagan1. Note especially: all Pagan1 members, nearly the total population, won’t notice the switch! they’ll bow to authority, and believe, in the face of all, that their sacrifice has worked: they’ve gotten the prize. Abracadabra, poof: We’re immortal!

So: the state can take Oxford and replace it with Harvard, take Harvard and replace it with Rice, take Rice and replace it with South Florida Community College: and those on the verge of extinction will believe, will believe so ardently that they see it, that now that they’ve sacrificed everything, heaven is one short step away.

2015 05 26 Just thought of an example: People invented money: people; not governments. Then banks invented paper currency: backed by real gold, or silver, or whatever: currency symbolizes the gold in the vault. Then the government takes all the gold, promises to repay, then makes it illegal to repay.
Once you had your pig, then you had a gold coin, then you had a promse; now you have identity theft, swivel-switched you out of everything.

Legal Protest
pk & bk have been emailing about Oliver Stone. I like some things about him, especially his shots against criminal behavior among Republicans, war crimes; bk hates everything “left”. Anyway, bk just sent me an article on Oliver Stone among various stripes of libertarians. I cite:

Stone said. “I am fine with all of the political opposition to Chavez, so long as it’s done legally.

bk liked my retort that I’d snorted at the idea of endorsing only legal protest.
In theory I’ll accept that position: provided that the state insisting on legality is itself a legal entity: and I don’t mean in its own mind, in the paper of record of its own propaganda machine. But there’s no such thing. It can’t be up to the Nazis what the Jews can do by way of protest; but it always is up to the Nazis: and only the Nazis. Except when, randomly, the Nazis lose.
But then it’s still other Nazis doing the legalizing.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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