Church as Co-Conspirator

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… in Kleptocracy

In kleptocracy even the churches are built on stolen land.

For my autobiographical narratives I drew a couple of graphics to illustrate the shifting stasis of church and state in their agon for power.

Concrete Poems, digital drawings by pk

Sometimes the church crumples the state.

In a number of places I talk about fiction’s potential for conveying truth even more efficiently than non-fiction: fiction can streamline the plot, give it an ideal shape which non-fiction resists. Fiction may, but does not necessarily, equate with “false”.

Church & State: Monopolies Both
Concrete Poems, digital drawings by pk

Sometimes visa-versa.

I’m in the midst of a novel right now: Daughter of God by Lewis Perdue. So far it strikes me as so-so as a novel; but its history of the church and its theology is the best I’ve seen since reading — wouldn’t you know? another novel — Raptor by Gary Jennings. Wonder of wonders, they deal with the same period: that of Emperor Constantine and the persecuted Bishop Arius. [c. 325 AD] I quote:

… The men in charge of the church at the time were very adept and pragmatic. They realized that survival for the church meant converting the greatest number of people to a single orthodoxy to reduce the endless disturbances and thus help Constantine govern more efficiently.

Did you note that last phrase?

Govern more efficiently!

Church is really state in a different dress. At other times in history the corollary is true.

What a joke when both institutions bandy the word “truth” around. What would either know about that? For any serious approach to truth you need science, you need to winnow out the best philosophy. Even so, you’ll only have the most current map. The truth “itself” is not within mortal reach.
Both church and state write “laws.” Ho ho. They both have branches for dealing with “justice.” The only justice I want to see is what’s due to church and state. For that, we may have to wait for god, or perhaps wait forever.

Better yet: all we have to wait for is reality to catch up with history. The bones of unfit species don’t need any judgment. Even without witnesses the truth will be the truth.

The Church knows all the rules. But it doesn’t know what goes on in a single human heart.
The Heart of the Matter


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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