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2002 03 26 I’m pleased that I’ve managed to get as much stuff up here at as I have despite my poverty, but the more that goes up the more glaring the omissions become to me. I’ve finally added a token or two to a folder of pk church stories: now I must provide a place for my many notes on religion. I have thousands. First entry is just one entered today:

The churches teach lessons they don’t get to worshippers who also won’t get it: ignorance, superstition … unsustainability, deluded predation … reproducing itself.

Every once in a while some dumb little kid though does get at least part of it.

The next thing you know that kid may go out of his way to give his lunch money to the poor, to free the slaves, to give stolen lands back to the Indians … to offer networking as a reality by founding the Free Learning Exchange

A church is a group of people claiming divine exemption from being human.

2005 05 02 Today’s Reuters reports that Jeff Van Gundy received a record $100,000 fine. The coach of the NBA’s Rockets had complained to the press that NBA officials had become quicker to call fouls on Yao Ming after the Dallas coach had complained to officials about Yao Ming. Suddenly, Yao Ming was fouling out early: and it’s the playoffs!
I didn’t see the games. And I’m not qualified to officiate. But I do recognize church behavior when I see it.

Of course officials can be influenced by a ranting coach. And of course the NBA can’t admit fallibility; not and sell tickets at the same time. The game is a business, and business requires the confidence of the public. All such games are confidence games. Business requires trust, not truth.

Business requires trust, not truth.

I hope you see that my point has nothing to do with what the truth is about Yao Ming, Van Gundy, or Mark Cuban. My point is about human society. Certain patterns transcend normal class associations.

In war, the war comes to impact on critics at home as well as on enemies abroad.

2005 01 18 from Iona Arc, a pk blog

Nuns are Brides of Christ, right? Virgins supposedly. Priests, the temple’s male servants, are celibate, supposed to be continent. Uh, are they the harem’s eunuchs? How long do the brides remain virgins? What? They die virgins? Is the god sated? Too old? Maybe Christ doesn’t like hairy legs and no jewelry.

2002 01 07

The Qualification of Ignorance

Messages degenerate over generations. This is well known. One utility of churches is to organize the population so that illiterates with poorly understood versions of corrupted messages can interrupt and overrule any new messengers. I challenge you to demonstrate that the preceding sentence is not an accurate description of the Christianity of the Gospels. John and Jesus represent new messages from God. Forces within Judaism killed John. Then King Herod, the priests of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Sanhedrin of Judaism at that Temple recruited the Roman military and state machine to interrupt, discredit, railroad, and kill cousin Jesus. At  I use myself as well as others to argue that what was true then continues true now, only it’s worse: the church and state are now so closely allied as to be indistinguishable: “one nation, under God”: with God under the rule of the illiterate atheists.
There are lots of places on and off the web where the accomplishments and character of church and state are eulogized; concentrates on highlighting their failures. The first story begun in my biographical narratives Indoctrination sequence that I wish to expand on here I remind you of by quoting in full:
late 1940s, early 1950s
Some time after offering me my dollar toward the purchase of a Bible, clearly still concerned about my soul, my Sunday School teacher asked me what I planned to do with my Christianity as an adult. I told him right out. I planned to travel the world, studying other religions. My childish hypothesis was that God, being good, and loving his special creation, man, would have communicated his message universally. Maybe the Jews were the Chosen. Maybe we Christians took the baton when the Jews dropped it. But I was convinced that God would have given everyone a chance. Underneath the mythology of the Koran, the Buddhist sutras, there must be one essential message.
I write my hypothesis with my adult vocabulary and understanding and now recognize in it something akin to Noam Chomsky’s hypothesis of innate grammar. But even as a child I had some sense of things being garbled in translation. I didn’t trust man, neither Jew nor Christian, to have heard quite right. I didn’t doubt that I, with God’s inspiration of course, would be able to winnow out some of the human transcription errors, to enhance the divine part of the message for the benefit of universal human wisdom. It never occurred to me that the human errors could be deliberate or the documents politically choreographed. I’m sure I sensed some of the jingoism, but I’m sure I didn’t attribute it to human or kleptocratic evil. (And I certainly never entertained the possibility, endemic throughout the jingoist creeds, that God loved the Jews but hated every-one and every-thing else.)
I am embarrassed to realize now how long it took me to recognize what followed as an early, if not my first, experience of Paul Knatz failing to communicate something important. My Sunday School teacher advised me not to try such an enterprise until I was absolutely certain that my Christian faith was unshakable. He told me that under such certain circumstances I might study another religion, but I must remember to pull back before actually believing it. Study it, but wear a rubber as it were. My memory is that he was speaking gravely, but I backwards interpret it that he was very nervous about what I’d said, concerned about me, about my difference from the others, as always.
I now realize (belatedly interpret) that for my teacher faith and understanding were incompatible. I now recognize his faith to have been not faith at all but rather the loyal acceptance of propaganda. He wanted the team to be a team more than he wanted the team to be right.
My ideal Sunday School teacher would have said something like, Wow, that’s deep. But you’re beyond my competence. You’re beyond the competence of our minister. Why don’t we hook you up with Joseph Campbell. Or at least put you straight into a comparative anthropology course. Of course you might be beyond them too: for all their learning and all your ignorance. Kid, I see the light of god on you already. Since I can’t reconstruct exactly what year that would have occurred in, I can’t say reliably whether anyone let alone my Sunday School teacher would have heard of Joseph Campbell by that time. Campbell may well have not yet published any of his anthro-theo-syntheses. (Neither am I sanguine that Campbell would have received me with either arms or mind open. I don’t think he was looking for a partner, especially not a “ten” year old. Whatever may have been the case with John and Jesus, the gurus I’ve met since then want to see only one halo: their own.) (Neither do I any longer exempt myself from that generalization.)
The religious indoctrination file was principally setting up a contrastive background against which to launch into my conversion to modern reason. It never intended to follow every implication. Those things are developed in my Teaching directory: particularly in the Social section: our evolution background and our present pathologies. In fact, many of the things I’d meant to mention in the indoctrination sequence wound up getting first introduced at  in the Social Pathologies directory. Contrarily, some parts of the indoctrination file got translated to the other area: Misrepresentation, for example.
I’ll return here to emphasize a few things about that circumstance: things I would hope the reader would see without any prodding from me: the teacher wasn’t really a teacher, his faith wasn’t really faith, his truth had little acquaintance with truth … First, however, I want to gather other stories scattered around into this folder where they’ll make their own structure:

holding bin for church stories I feel an impulse to tell that are not already told. My biographical narratives start out trying to treat the state and church sides of kleptocracy “equally.”’s first church stories when into the indoctrination narratives. Others got told in modules of the Teaching Directory, particularly under the Evolutionary History and Social Pathologies sections. It’s the state which has been the big brother in recent centuries and it’s the state which has muscled the church aside even here at . This section of my Stories directory is intended to counter that tendency at least a little bit. (Notes about churches, as distinct from personal stories, get a module or two in the Society section.)

I won’t be satisfied until I have menus that reference all stories for all themes and have them related chronologically as well as thematically.

a mess, but I hate to lose scrap witout knowing what it is

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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