The Logical Status of Stories

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Jesus note to Dueling Jesuses
2000 07 17 There’s a note I have to make that applies throughout much of this home page, that I believe I’ve made but haven’t yet repeated much, linked to all relevant sections: I associate “Jesus” with Socrates and Einstein. Our knowledge of Einstein’s work has an ample measure of objectivity. Socrates we know primarily through Plato, and why trust him? Jesus we know only through the gospels. Almost nothing in the story can be verified. (Jesus note) That’s OK so long as we recognize that it’s the story I’m referring to, not a set of facts. Ditto Socrates: Socrates is a set of stories. The logic of stories has (or should have) a higher status than fact. Einstein is a set of stories amply supported by facts: the very best kind of story. Thus, when I refer to the martyrdom of Jesus, I am making a true point about society, not a true point about Jesus: who, for all I know, was in truth another charlatan.

2001 03 02 Emphasis: My present “Christianity” cares little about the truth of God or Jesus or Christ. What’s clear is that the Temple blocked any possibility of new messages from the entity it claimed to serve. And the Temple is an accurate metaphor for all kleptocratic institutions: state, church, school …

2001 04 09 Notice: in the story: it’s Jesus’ enemies (God’s priests and the Jews’ king as well as the Jews’ Roman captors) who kill Jesus; but it’s his friends and lovers who are his cannibals, ghouls, and vampires: before and ever since. It’s OK though: he seems to want his flesh eaten and his blood drunk.

2001 05 16

Jesus was, after all, a man, and so cannot be fully trusted.
Puzo, Omerta


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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