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@ K. 2008 10 30

The first time God spoke to me it was about me.

The next few times were about you: how to offer you a secular salvation.
(Jesus took care of spiritual salvation; I had to support Ivan Illich as he guided us to live like Christians: hoping to save civilization on earth. (Our failure was civilization’s failure — we knew we were personally mortal, but did the entire system of kleptocratic cultures also have to be so mortal?)
Currently God leaves me alone, leaves me to my own devices; but until recently God had been informing me on himself, that is on the nature of perception, on “reality,” on symbols …

My domains tell about all these things, or did until secular authority, supported by religious silence, censored them. The court ordered a section of one proscribed, but my host obliterated everything: five domains, around three thousand essays, chapters, pages, modules … some short, some lengthy, some by other great persecuted writers, and twelve hundred odd graphic files … evaporated. But of course even when up, though some individuals understood them, recognized their value, no quorum of the public approved them. Now released from jail, as poor as ever, my business destroyed, I try to restore them.

(A funny thing happened though: now’s (yes, the plagiarist of Illich/pk’s 1970 internet) evaporated one attempt, and froze another.)
(Clearly God intended his messages to be delivered, but never intended for them to be received, opened, read, or understood.) (Does that mean that human damnation was fore-ordained? Oh, well. Did ya ever hear of Original Sin?)

About Me: Compassion
I’ll expand: especially on the third part: on the nature of perception, on “reality,” on symbols …
And isn’t that what K. has been about since 1995? what pk has been about since 1979? and earlier!

About Me Chronology: That epiphany took place in 1960, mid-year or late-year.

The Court
Federal Court, Fort Pierce, FL, Judge Martinez, 2006 Feb:
I don’t at the moment have the exact day: the 21st?
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About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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