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1957 or so I’m at a party in some loft down under the Manhattan Bridge. Bird was on the record player. The attendees mixed beyond just my accustomed Christians and Jews. But I don’t think I noticed until I heard this adorable black girl respond to a Bird riff as “something else.” Now I’d bent further than over backwards to affect bop argot for years. From church camp to college, I was “Jazzbo.” I’d never heard the slang from a female: and now I was in love.

I went to her like a filing to a magnet. Her face was adorable. She had a reddish tint to her hair which mesmerized me. Her rump was as plush as a Buick. I manoeuvred her onto the terrace. Jackie. I don’t know what I did to make her accompany me, but she came. I guess she liked hipsters too. I stepped behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. She melted right back against me. Her buttocks swallowed my erection.

After that we’d meet here and there around the Village. We’d hang at my gallery on MacDougal Street. I’d lock the door and we’d repair to the couch in the back. The night she came to my place on West 112th to take me out to dinner has been reported among my cop stories: dinner somehow was put on hold. I don’t know how far beyond seven of my orgasms we’d have gone had the neighbors not sent the cops to put a stop to it.

I don’t think we quite equaled that performance at her apartment when I visited her in Boston (we came close: half a dozen orgasms for me for sure; no telling how many for her): but after that, she wrote me that we weren’t going to get together any more. She did though come to see me in New York again, showing reserve: and I demanded to know why.

Because I’m “white,” she explained.

Because when black and white marry and have children, there’s trouble.

Marriage? Children? Who said anything about marriage? ???

2015 06 29 It now occurs to me, Jackie was “a year” older than I. Females think things differently than males. Age counts. And of course ethnicity counts too.

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