Double-Bound Honor

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Bill Cosby is on the hot seat for chemical rape, repeated: slip the girl a ‘lude, fuck her brains out (while she’s not responsible for what you or she does), dump her in the street: or, try to make a deal: Here, Honey, I’ll give you money, you forget this ever happened.

Actually, nothing ever happened: you were out on ‘ludes!

Here’s what I wanna know: Say you’re the woman: Cosby rapes you, but now he pays you! What’s incumbent on you in the deal?
The girl took the money, spent the money: now it’s twenty years later: does she owe Cosby her silence? !!
Doesn’t she owe it to us not to be silent? Doesn’t she owe it to God? !!

Oh, but here’s something there’s no doubt in my mind about: Cosby’s degree of guilt with the rapes has no bearing on how great a comic artist he is at portraying families! and family problems: comic and humanitarian, wise, something positive, a force of good. Macbeth gets the throne not by waiting for Fate but by murdering King Duncan! OK. Now say he reigns for thirty years, say he endows a chair at Edinburgh to recommend definitive rules about regicide … Say forty years later he’s found out, found guilty: guilty of regicide … That will have zero bearing on the quality of his endowment at Edinburgh!!

next part of draft will scrapbook:

It’s easy for a rapist, a murderer, to bully a good kid, a normal kid, into an omerta that serves the murder and not the kid.

My mother was of a type that would wash the dishes for you, scrub the stoop, think she was being a Christian, after you’d raped her.

But why pick on my mother: everybody’s the same. to some extant.

The Nazis didn’t just betray the Jews (and the fags, etc): the Nazis’ betrayed the German people! At the German people’s emphatic invitation the Nazis’ betrayed the German people!
Then the Americans join the Allies, join the bombings, call the Nazis bad names … What were we doing to protect the Jews (and the fags) in 1932? in 1933? We weren’t protecting them in North America, we certainly weren’t protecting them in Germany! let along Poland, Czechoslovakia …
And why should anyone be surprised? What? the people who bought power by genocide? the people who blabbed about freedom, democracy, while limiting suffrage, property transfers …

Say you’re a Ruskie. Say Stalin stripped you of everything, murdered your whole family, sent you to a gulag: now say Stalin gives you a kopek, and a crumb. Say now Stalin begs you — commands you — not to tell …

But you know, we don’t need to call up the Civil War, or the Commies, or the Nazis, or Mao, or the Inquisitional Church, to address screwings: we could begin and end with God. He makes you crazy over your son’s foreskin … he makes you crazy over your menstrual flow … Now he says you owe this, that, and the other thing to him?

Owe this, owe that, but mostly owe:

Omerta !


Don’t tell! Don’t contradict … the liars!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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