Sabotage the Rule

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Sabotage is the rule, not the exception. Justice, fair play is the exception, not the rule.

People select the good news about themselves and broadcast it. People simultaneously make an obstacle course of the bad news. People cheat: till the news is edited down to what they want. Group fiction is the best we can hope for, don’t expect it to be honest: don’t trust what the Christ killers write about Christ getting killed.

Failures of Conviviality in Local Social Clubs:
Highlands Senior Center, The American Legion, The Watering Hole … YMCA …

I’ll scribble scrapbook style, then tighten it up. My Watering Hole story follows in the wake of my YMCA stories. Tribal dancing tramples getting along dancing. Dancing is a basic survival activity: healthy, recreational … procreative: males and females meeting, trying this and that pairing. But majority power-plays can bolix everything.

Last night Jan asked me, “What’s wrong with these people?” She’s lived eighty-four years but still doesn’t recognize the invariances of human culture. She was calling from Nova Scotia, I was telling her about the dance, updating her among other things on the misbehavior of Post officer Dave. I said I’ll tell you when we’re in the same country, in the same room, holding hands.” But then I said, “No, I’ll tell you right now in a quick version”: I said, “They’re tribal; I’m not. They’re determined to be uniform, to punish difference; I’m not.” I’m a saint of diversity. My Christianity doesn’t have a uniform, a given creed.

My mother used to make me cringe, back in the 1950s, 1960s when she would say,

My country, may she always be right,
but my country: right or wrong.

Tribalism doesn’t tolerate tolerance. If Germans want to purge Jews then Germans want to purge Jews, they don’t want objective discussion, they don’t want to establish facts, the don’t want to recognize complexity. No: they want enforcement of uniformity, mono-culture.

Notice: God doesn’t trump tribe; tribe trumps god. My country: right or wrong. Nationalism, patriotism, bomb the gooks, trumps the Bible.

Lynch Mob Morality

Tribe members recognize me from a mile away as not-reliably-tribal. Therefore I must be cut off at the kneeds before I can currupt Naziism with convivial Christianity.

Well, the rant had to come. I’ll supply more details from twenty-five years of living in Highlands Country, flotsam from a failed offer of a free internet (politically, socially free, not free meaning no resources must be budgeted made in 1970: and since.

Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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