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My categories menu, the line starting with “Home”: just below the pKnatz blog graphic, has been cause mischief: It’s supposed to read:
Home – Teaching – Personal – Stories – Quotes – About K.
Subcategories, a zillion of them, ideosyncratic, pure pk, beaucoup humor, are supposed to nest hierarchically within, very complex: profound, as long as you see the humor. But the software is going heywire. I get things off the top line but may not always put them back in the right place. Bear with it: robots don’t always mind their own business.

I’m the author, I’m pk: WordPress is our host. WordPress writes (and rewrites) the code: I’m sometimes helpless flotsam.

Up top there’s my graphic, a scan of me fishing on Jan’s lake in her canoe, my grandson Benjamin and daughter-in-law, Nathalie also aboard. Just below that is a menu of categories. The categories are preceeded by a Home button. Home restarts the blog at the latest post. Then the categories begin their hierarchical cascade: first come my two main original distinctions: pk Teaching and pk Personal: initially a very rough distinction: I’ll define in a moment.

Next come Stories and Quotes. Then K. Site Notes. Stories had originally been a subdivision of Personal: another story section branched within Teaching / Society / Social Order / as “HierCon”: abbreviating human hierarchies in conflict with anarchist Christian conviviality. (Maybe my troubles started when I tried to merge both as one toplevel category: pk Teaching / pk Personal / : Stories /
The same happened to Quotes. Quotes began as a subcategory of pk Personal: then I moved it to the top line of the category menu.
Last comes K. Site Notes: of which this post is one example.

Lately WordPress is making free with my categories, irresponsibly and arbitrarily adding to the top menu. Bear with me while I straighten it out.

Below I’ll map the hierarchy and comment. That’s before I try to “fix” anything: first know what I had meant.

pk Teaching didactic apart from any of my professional specialties

Don’t expect pk Teaching’s didactic, not that the didacticism is orthodox. I make free with science and with the humanities.

Teaching down one Society and its Pathologies
Teaching down two Social Epistemology
Social Order
Social Survival
plus miscellaneous scholarsip
featuring Thinking Tools

Thus, if I tell a story of finding my sixth grade dance partner, I categorize it as Personal. If I teach the steps to Amos Moses, or expatiate on dancing as healthy, that goes under Teaching. My menu pages follow the same structure, or did, till WordPress rebelled.

Down, down in the logic of the Personal:

pk Personal Who’s pk?
pk Overview
pk Writing
Feedback, Mail
Fiction spreads from novels to satires.

The Society and its Pathologies sections get very complex vertically as well as horizontally; but the point of the categories is to clarify organization, not to confuse. It’s backfiring in our face, I’ll work on it.

Categorical Humor

I’ve been writing comedy since 1948. There are jokes even in my categories. They’re serious jokes: take them lightly, take them seriously, don’t take them literally. For example: / Society / Social Epistemology / I put Theology as a subcategory of Cosmology, I put Religion as a subcategory of Theology. I put god as a subcategory of Religion … though next week I may change the order.

This scheme got me into trouble immediately. In the 1990s I put my most important teachings, my most important philosophies among my Thinking Tools which then became a subcategory of Scholarship: not an order most people would use. But: see what I did, guess why I did it: and you may teach yourself — deeply — about the same things.

I mount this 2015 07 28. I intend to redate it daily so it will always come up on top: until I fix the damn category menu, make it behave and not confuse.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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