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2015 08 01 email to bk:

theMarcus watching bits and snatches of two Bible series: Bible Rules, Bible Secrets
both have talking heads, experts, on screen, lots of Ehrman.
They include a lots of things I’ve been emphasizing, including a lot of Ehrman things.

Then there’s stuff I’d never heard of: Jeff cut and pasted his own Bible: but kept it for his own, private, use. Regardless it dovetails with my own broadcast view that that’s what we all do, any religion, any science even: and that’s why no Bible, no science, will ever say the same things twice: not quite identically. The group fictionalizes its own Christ: the difference being that pk says that he’s doing that; the rest of the world claims it’s reporting: facts: invariant.

I had a prof at NYU, a jesuit, who told of a study he’d participated in where the Western scholars, including priests, viisted some oral epic culture in Yugooslavia somewhere: asked the Homer to sing their Iliad: recorded it, mapped it into chapter and verse. A week later they asked him to sing it again. Again he did. Then they asked him if it was the “same”. He said, Yes, exactly, to the syllable.
Then they analyzed it: different in detail after detail.

In other words: the “same” had different meanings for the poet and for the scholars: the scholars were stunted, the poets weren’t. The scholars were exact, linear, literal; the poets weren’t.

Anyway, one of the Bible doc’s talking PhDs was listing all the horrible objectionable awful things about the Hebrew God: then said That’s not the God the major religions believe in, we all believe basically the same thing: what God wants is, what God wants for us is … and then he quotes Jefferson! The Dec of Ind!!
all equal … the pursuit of happiness!

The PhDs are exactly like the Yugoslav epic poets: the details of their epic are whatever they want them to be; different from telling to telling: testimony asserting Same, from telling to telling.

You’d have to examine all pk’s and bk’s correspondence, and maybe hear our conversations, to know all the references: Bart Ehrman, for example. Jefferson too.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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