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The phone just rang. A voice synthesized female urged me that it was essential that I update my Google something-or-other. If I don’t pay my phone bill they’ll cut off my service, won’t put me in the next phone book; but the phone company is still selling my business number nine years after the government forced me out of business: and I never gave them permission to sell my number in the first place.

That’s bad, that’s irritating, that’s normal: the worst is that they’ve coopted information networking from me. Google has no right to Google anything anywhere until the right has been bought from me. Familiarize yourself with my Free Learning Exchange: you’ll see it’s true. I offered a service. I own all rights to that service, the more so as it was a not for profit service. The government has no right to take it over, let alone to give it away.

Forty five years, no one understands, kleptocrats think everything is their right. Of course we steal the Dakotas, then supervise Crazy Horse’s behavior on the land we stole. But let me focus on something I thought of a great deal in 1970 without solving it. I found the Free Learning Exchange, Inc. You phone, or send me a postcard: you say that you can teach French (or that you want a tennis partner on the upper west side of Manhattan, or that you’d like to meet someone who’s read War & Peace and who wants to discuss it, again on the upper west side of Manhattan. That’s what FLEX was: a data base, an activities matchmaker. Good. You’re supposed to send me a contribution: a few bucks, or a million: better yet, twenty million: for infrastructure: main frame time, a cable TV show 24/7 … How long does your ad run? A month after you’ve died, should I still be listing your offerings? your interests? your criticisms of Joe as a tennis partner? What’s the information shelf life?

Had someone sent us twenty million dollars (while someone else gave us $3, and some one else paid us $zero) we could have disgussed this: put it in print, announced it at the TV show, all day, every day. You sent us $3 with your original introduction of yourself as a French teacher: good: you should send us $3 every month yu wish to be listed. If we don’t hear from you, you’re dropped. If you’re convicted of raping your French students maybe you should be dropped:or need. This needs constant public discussion.

Meantime, pk should have been given sufficient resources to develop and run all this, including enough to feed and cloth him and his family, enough to take them out to a movie now and then. I didn’t ask to be made rich; I did need to live.

You, the public, didn’t give it to me. Thirty years later you give it to Google.
I expect I’ll be dead before God judges us on these and other issues; I wish I’d see God judge us this minute.
Actually, I do, he is. It’s all a question of interpretation: we’re going to hell in a handbasket. Serves us right.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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